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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
22759 glideinWMS Support New Normal Complete orientation & training for the GlideinWMS project Javier Rodriguez 06/18/2019 10:08 PM
22758 glideinWMS Feature New Normal Migration of the old GlideinWMS website to the new one Kiana Mohammadian 06/18/2019 05:05 PM
22757 ArtDaq RunControl GUI Feature New Normal Redirect output from daqinterface to a log file Iker Loïc de Icaza Astiz 06/18/2019 05:01 PM
22756 glideinWMS Feature New Normal Design of the new GlideinWMS website Kiana Mohammadian 06/18/2019 04:58 PM
22755 glideinWMS Feature New Normal Evaluation of Web Technologies Kiana Mohammadian 06/18/2019 04:54 PM
22754 glideinWMS Feature New Normal Get familiarize with GlideinWMS and its documentation Kiana Mohammadian 06/18/2019 04:48 PM
22753 artdaq Support New Normal Lots of spurious xmlrpc messages seen in logs in artdaq v3_5_0 system 06/18/2019 02:29 PM
22746 lar_ci Bug Resolved Normal OpenSSL error while attempting to trigger an integration test Vito Di Benedetto 06/18/2019 12:55 PM
22744 art_root_io Bug Resolved Normal Cannot read old argoneut data Kyle Knoepfel 06/18/2019 02:49 PM
22736 artdaq Idea New Normal Process a run_records directory and generate a graphical representation of the configuration 06/14/2019 07:22 AM
22734 JobSub Feature New Normal Document changes to jobsub superusers 06/13/2019 03:14 PM
22733 JobSub Feature New Normal Pull Jobsub group and global superusers from FERRY 06/13/2019 03:15 PM
22731 CVMFS Support Support New Normal Increase the rate of updates on the OSG stratum 1 Dave Dykstra 06/13/2019 02:18 PM
22726 SciSoft Feature Accepted Normal buidFW doesn't work with relative products path. 06/17/2019 10:29 AM
22722 JobSub Feature New Normal Have the --OS flag to the jobsub_submit command drive DesiredOS AND RequiredOS Shreyas Bhat 06/12/2019 05:04 PM
22715 cet-is Support Assigned Normal provide a nu distribution for art v2_13_00 Lynn Garren 06/11/2019 02:03 PM
22713 Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Feature New Normal Need a screen for held launches -- list them, delete them, etc. 06/11/2019 01:11 PM
22712 PlotUtils Management Feature New Normal Disable stat. uncertainty (SumW2) on errorband universes 06/11/2019 01:04 PM
22711 project-py Task Accepted Normal testing with Dune analysis jobs Yuyi Guo 06/13/2019 10:38 AM
22709 Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Task New Normal find stage id while giving campaign name and stage name Vladimir Podstavkov 06/10/2019 04:25 PM
22708 ACNET Service Support Assigned Normal Erlang library needs to be updated Richard Neswold 06/10/2019 02:37 PM
22707 Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Feature New Normal Add flag (on JobTypes?) to support dependencies using project_id in metadata. 06/10/2019 02:22 PM
22706 artdaq Bug New Normal OM cannot reliably run different (newer) versions of art than the DAQ 06/11/2019 03:04 PM
22705 Production Operations Management Service (POMS) Feature Assigned Normal Add dataset "splitter" that adds "with limit n" Marc Mengel 06/10/2019 11:36 AM
22702 Erlang Front-end Framework Bug Assigned Normal Problem with LLRF OTSDaq interface process not dying Dennis Nicklaus 06/07/2019 05:22 PM
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