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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
14382 Google Cloud Testing Bug Closed High OnDemand: Question about size of auto-scale group when using gcloud Neha Sharma 11/11/2016 09:08 PM
12752 JobSub Bug New Normal Improvements to Jobsub configuration parser 05/17/2019 03:03 PM
11006 JobSub Bug Closed Normal Fix error reporting and help output for jobsub_rm command 10/07/2016 06:22 PM
9535 JobSub Bug Closed Normal Jobsub server not compatible with proxy generated using certs issued by CILogon OSG CA Dennis Box 08/11/2015 10:08 AM
9534 JobSub Bug Closed High New Jobsub server 1.1.4 not compatible with 1_1_3 version of client Dennis Box 08/11/2015 03:15 PM
9291 JobSub Bug Closed Low Transferring krb5 cache with dzero jobs breaks job submission under D0Production role Dennis Box 10/07/2015 06:51 PM
8886 JobSub Bug Closed Normal Jobsub changes executable permissions ( but not all the time) Dennis Box 08/11/2015 03:15 PM
8183 JobSub Support Closed Normal jobsub_status documentation needs update Dennis Box 08/11/2015 03:15 PM
7989 JobSub Bug Closed Normal jobsub command should exit with right error message when incorrect role is specified Dennis Box 08/11/2015 10:13 AM
7664 JobSub Bug Closed Normal jobsub_preen not removing symlinks to directories (under uploads area) that it cleans up Dennis Box 02/27/2015 09:45 AM
6824 JobSub Bug Closed Normal Inconsistent argument specification Dennis Box 10/23/2014 11:25 AM
6817 JobSub Bug Closed Normal jobsub_submit fails with misleading error message when port number is not specified Dennis Box 09/10/2014 10:24 PM

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