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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7891 mrb Feature Closed Normal Allow ranges of product instances during product builds Erica Snider 06/25/2018 10:21 AM
5082 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal Argoneut electronics response files need to be moved into larsoft_data Lynn Garren 01/10/2014 12:24 PM
11124 LArSoft Support Closed Normal Build and distribute LArSoft under ubuntu Lynn Garren 11/05/2018 11:03 AM
5036 LArSoft Support Closed Normal Change usage of DetId_t enum defined in SimpleTypesAndConstants to accept arbitrary strings. Brian Rebel 11/15/2015 11:41 AM
5540 LArSoft Feature Closed Normal Create a service that will manage random number seeds for all modules that need them Gianluca Petrillo 03/10/2015 09:52 AM
22029 LArSoft Milestone Accepted Normal Data overlay infrastructure for LArSoft Erica Snider 03/01/2019 02:59 PM
11268 uBooNE Reconstruction Task Closed Normal Define and implement track fitting interface using Kalman fit as first implementation 08/02/2016 01:38 PM
11269 uBooNE Reconstruction Task Closed Normal Define high-level and internal interfaces for tracking 08/02/2016 01:39 PM
11239 uBooNE Reconstruction Task Closed Normal Determine if a single hit-finder will suffice for production processing 08/02/2016 01:46 PM
11477 uBooNE Reconstruction Task Closed Normal Develop event-by-event channel status tagging 08/02/2016 01:47 PM
11237 uBooNE Reconstruction Milestone Closed High Develop / optimize signal processing algorithms needed for production processing 08/02/2016 01:49 PM
5118 LArSoft Bug Rejected Normal Error in downloadSource script or documentation Lynn Garren 12/27/2013 10:45 AM
11266 uBooNE Reconstruction Task Closed Normal Fix 3D seed finding that is used as input to TrackKalman3D tracks 08/02/2016 01:36 PM
5105 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal Fix compiler warnings Gianluca Petrillo 04/29/2014 11:23 AM
11267 uBooNE Reconstruction Task Closed Normal Fully integrate projection matching track algorithm Tracy Usher 08/02/2016 01:37 PM
5028 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal Geometry service cannot find gdml files located in the gdml install directory Erica Snider 01/10/2014 12:19 PM
11130 LArSoft Task Closed Normal Identify a build node machine to support Ubuntu builds of LArSoft Erica Snider 11/05/2018 11:01 AM
11131 LArSoft Task Closed Normal Identify a machine to support Ubuntu continuous integration for LArSoft 11/05/2018 11:02 AM
16204 LArSoft Task Closed Normal Identify LArSoft job / reco chain / analysis module(s) to use in May DUNE tutorial Erica Snider 06/14/2017 01:54 PM
11636 uBooNE Reconstruction Milestone Accepted Normal Improve reconstruction speed by 2x 02/05/2016 09:40 AM
11478 uBooNE Reconstruction Task Closed Normal Integrate event-by-event channel status into uB implementation of ChannelStatus service 08/02/2016 01:47 PM
11270 uBooNE Reconstruction Task Work in progress Normal Integrate Pandora into shower-finding algorithms Yun-tse Tsai 08/02/2016 01:31 PM
5037 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal lar crashes when trying to create ExptGeoHelperInterface service Erica Snider 01/26/2014 11:07 PM
5096 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal LBNE simulation intermittently crashing due to bad_alloc errors in LArG4 01/26/2014 11:07 PM
11265 uBooNE Reconstruction Task Closed Normal Make PMATrackMaker respect gaps due to bad hits 08/02/2016 01:39 PM
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