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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
25709 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal Parse error in expression Gianluca Petrillo 04/12/2021 10:30 AM
24928 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal Time scale documentation moved Gianluca Petrillo 09/28/2020 10:36 AM
24600 LArSoft Bug Closed Urgent OpFastScintillation only propagates light in the first cryostats Gianluca Petrillo 07/27/2020 10:24 AM
24328 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal Fix Geometry service feature reloading the geometry at begin of run Gianluca Petrillo 01/19/2021 01:17 PM
22628 LArSoft Feature Closed Normal Change internal representation of sim::OnePhoton Gianluca Petrillo 06/01/2020 10:35 AM
22431 LArSoft Bug Feedback Normal Inconsistent location of wire plane reported by TPCGeo Gianluca Petrillo 05/14/2019 09:09 AM
19345 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal Module descriptions not printed any more Gianluca Petrillo 03/29/2018 01:31 PM
19323 LArSoft Necessary Maintenance Closed Normal Port LArSoft code to use the association algorithms in canvas Gianluca Petrillo 03/22/2018 01:33 PM
18997 LArSoft Necessary Maintenance Closed Normal Verify that the run and subrun level data products are written during the proper art phase Gianluca Petrillo 03/07/2018 01:23 PM
18283 LArSoft Meeting Closed Normal Define a policy for LArSoft art-independent code and repositories Gianluca Petrillo 11/28/2017 11:49 AM
18220 LArSoft Necessary Maintenance Closed Normal Remove MemoryPeakReporter service from lardata Gianluca Petrillo 12/21/2017 11:23 AM
18199 LArSoft Necessary Maintenance Closed Normal Remove unmoveable MCParticle workaround Gianluca Petrillo 04/27/2018 01:41 PM
18001 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal lar::ProviderPack should accept objects of classes derived from the required ones Gianluca Petrillo 04/27/2018 01:42 PM
17926 LArSoft Necessary Maintenance Closed High Implement a better name for the track proxy accessor to the unfitted trajectory. Gianluca Petrillo 11/09/2017 11:38 AM
17672 LArSoft Necessary Maintenance Closed Normal Remove deprecated lar::PtrMaker alias Gianluca Petrillo 11/14/2017 02:54 PM
17278 LArSoft Idea Closed Normal Add an example on how to create data products of a new type Gianluca Petrillo 02/19/2018 02:38 PM
17099 LArSoft Feature Closed Normal Make standard geometry available in gallery environment Gianluca Petrillo 07/26/2017 04:14 PM
16208 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal DumpMCTruth module crashes with a segmentation fault Gianluca Petrillo 06/14/2017 01:42 PM
16113 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal ProviderList test fails in larcore Gianluca Petrillo 04/17/2017 11:24 AM
15781 LArSoft Necessary Maintenance Closed Normal Move raw digit dumper to lardata repository Gianluca Petrillo 10/27/2017 04:12 PM
15688 LArSoft Task Closed Normal Extend wire sorting to accommodate wires parallel to z direction Gianluca Petrillo 07/26/2017 04:14 PM
15446 LArSoft Necessary Maintenance Closed Normal BezierTrack should be removed from LArSoft Gianluca Petrillo 02/19/2018 02:38 PM
15131 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal LArG4: diffusion causes errors in SpaceCharge computation Gianluca Petrillo 06/14/2017 01:34 PM
14800 LArSoft Bug Closed High Memory leak running LArG4 Gianluca Petrillo 01/11/2017 03:34 PM
14705 LArSoft Task Closed Normal Preparatory work for drift direction support Gianluca Petrillo 10/12/2017 11:44 AM
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