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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
23457 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal LArReco Calorimetry module places absolute cut on z position which is not detector independent Gianluca Petrillo 10/28/2019 10:27 AM
22424 LArSoft Necessary Maintenance Closed Normal LArReco develop branch out of synch with master branch? 04/22/2019 10:29 AM
22420 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal xerces_c build failure on OSX (debug) with larsoft v08_16_00 05/13/2019 11:24 AM
22368 LArSoft Bug Closed High Cannot do mrbsetenv on OSX with icarus_data 04/22/2019 10:35 AM
21417 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal BackTracker "HitToEveTrackIDEs" does not fill # electrons Jason Stock 03/09/2019 02:48 PM
21399 ICARUS LArSoft Bug Closed Normal Tag and release icaruscode v07_11_00 03/06/2020 07:04 PM
21356 ICARUS LArSoft Task Rejected Normal Tag icaruscode v07_10_00 11/19/2018 11:12 AM
21342 mrb Bug Closed Urgent Unable to checkout packages with mrb Christopher Green 01/31/2019 02:20 PM
20489 LArSoft Support Closed Normal lhapdf does not build on OSX High Sierra for LarSoft v06_70_00 08/09/2019 10:30 AM
20240 cet-is Bug Assigned Normal OSX builds take an extraordinary amount of time (companion to issue 20079) Lynn Garren 03/11/2019 11:46 AM
20177 cetbuildtools Bug Closed Normal Auto complete no longer working on OSX with lar command? Kyle Knoepfel 09/26/2018 10:24 AM
20079 LArSoft Bug Assigned Normal OSX Builds take an extraordinary amount of time Lynn Garren 12/17/2018 10:09 AM
19216 LArSoft Bug Resolved Urgent larsoft-v06_70_00 unable to run larsoft event display 04/16/2018 11:12 AM
18478 LArSoft Necessary Maintenance Feedback Normal Names associated to pdg codes in Style.cxx (in lareventdisplay) are out of date? Tracy Usher 01/10/2018 12:56 PM
18477 LArSoft Bug Feedback Normal fhicl options mismatch in lareventdisplay Tracy Usher 01/11/2018 09:40 AM
17529 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal Unable to use Xcode debugger after OS X update to Sierra 08/23/2017 12:32 PM
17528 cet-is Bug Closed Normal OS X build issue and incompatibility with Xcode on Sierra? 11/12/2018 10:21 AM
17526 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal buildFW_classic does not work on OS X Sierra 11/16/2017 09:59 AM
17255 LArSoft Bug Closed Normal Floating point inexact result Hans-Joachim Wenzel 11/08/2018 03:18 PM
14341 uBooNE Reconstruction Task New Normal Optimize existing hit finder parameters Salvatore Davide Porzio 11/01/2016 11:26 AM
14204 uBooNE Reconstruction Task Work in progress Normal Integration of Cluster3D into LArSoft reconstruction Tracy Usher 10/21/2016 11:01 AM
13428 uBooNE Reconstruction Task New Normal Vertex Reconstruction - Pandora tasks John Marshall 11/04/2016 11:12 AM
13427 uBooNE Reconstruction Task New Normal Interface to new Track Fitter 08/03/2016 12:35 PM
13426 uBooNE Reconstruction Task New Normal Track Reconstruction - Pandora tasks John Marshall 11/04/2016 11:13 AM
13425 uBooNE Reconstruction Task New Normal Shower Reconstruction - OpenCV tasks Ariana Hackenburg 09/01/2016 04:54 PM
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