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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
23688 cet-is Support Assigned Normal Requesting new UPS packages CVODES, Stan-math, Stan (and new version of Eigen) Jeremy Wolcott 06/03/2020 12:55 PM
23464 cet-is Support Closed Urgent Patches to nusimdata and nugen Lynn Garren 10/30/2019 01:13 PM
22575 SciSoft Feature Closed Normal ART 2_12_01 with upgraded ROOT (past 6.12.06a) 06/26/2019 09:36 AM
21753 NuTools Feature Closed Normal add "random vertex placement" to AddGenieEventsToArt module in v1_21 (archival) Lynn Garren 04/25/2019 03:06 PM
19492 SAM Web client Bug Closed Normal 'samweb delete-definition' always returns exit status 1 Robert Illingworth 08/31/2018 01:16 PM
18398 NOvA validation Feature Closed Normal Allow user to specify draw order Jeremy Wolcott 11/29/2017 11:43 AM
18385 NOvA validation Bug Closed Normal Asymmetric comparisons result in "strictest_key" assertion violations Jeremy Wolcott 11/29/2017 08:01 AM
17397 SAM Web services Feature Closed Normal Means for user inspection of snapshots 09/19/2017 11:25 AM
15605 NOvA validation Bug Closed Normal Area normalization sometimes goes horribly wrong Jeremy Wolcott 02/21/2017 02:34 PM
15604 NOvA validation Bug Assigned Normal Global options don't always work correctly Jeremy Wolcott 02/21/2017 04:11 PM
15506 NOvA validation Feature Accepted Normal Easier mass-download of images 02/08/2017 08:51 PM
15465 NOvA validation Feature Closed Normal Use tagged JSROOT instead of latest? Jeremy Wolcott 02/20/2017 11:11 AM
15321 NOvA-ART Bug Assigned Normal Unexpected PDG codes in ParticleNavigator list Jeremy Wolcott 01/26/2017 10:17 AM
15303 NOvA validation Bug Closed High Different subdirectories containing plots with same name result in second dir being ignored Jeremy Wolcott 02/21/2017 11:40 AM
15168 NOvA validation Bug Accepted Low Clean up the CSS and page templates 01/17/2017 01:11 PM
14688 NOvA validation Bug Closed Normal 2D plot drawing not working in single-dataset mode Jeremy Wolcott 01/13/2017 04:47 PM
14685 NOvA validation Bug Closed Low 2D comparisons are still wretchedly ugly 01/13/2017 05:27 PM
14683 NOvA validation Bug Assigned Low Need a better place for "comparison statistics" hyperlink Jeremy Wolcott 11/28/2016 01:21 PM
14682 NOvA validation Bug Closed Normal Plot sub-categories appear in comparisons page with same name Jeremy Wolcott 12/22/2016 11:55 AM
14681 NOvA validation Bug Closed Normal Comparison statistics don't appear for plots with sub-categories Jeremy Wolcott 12/23/2016 11:06 AM
14568 NOvA validation Bug Closed Low "Expand stats table" button should have a tooltip Jeremy Wolcott 11/29/2016 04:59 PM
14542 NuTools Bug Closed Normal GENIEHelper incorrectly leaves coherent kinematics unfilled Jeremy Wolcott 11/18/2016 04:36 PM
14541 NOvA validation Bug Closed High CanvasMaker leaks lots of memory when processing TH2s Jeremy Wolcott 11/18/2016 08:34 PM
14518 NOvA validation Feature Under Discussion Low Speed up canvas generation? 01/13/2017 04:56 PM
14517 NOvA validation Feature Closed Low Reduce disk space usage? 11/18/2016 04:26 PM
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