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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
9293 Linac 400 MeV Steer Application Necessary Maintenance Closed High 15 Hz operation doesn't leave a lot of open ticks for study pulses Kyle Hazelwood 06/25/2015 09:31 AM
11824 Recycler Injecton Closure Application (PA4187, R52) Feature New Normal Ability to close on each injection 02/24/2016 03:09 PM
11823 Recycler Injecton Closure Application (PA4187, R52) Feature New Low Ability to close to a closure offset 02/24/2016 03:07 PM
11529 Recycler Orbit Smoothing Application (PA4196, R50) Bug New Low Abort button does not dissapear Kyle Hazelwood 01/28/2016 10:54 AM
3806 Elog Bug Closed Urgent Access denied for adding entries despite user having log privileges. Kyle Hazelwood 05/08/2013 02:44 PM
15268 Elog Bug Closed Immediate Accessing elog via can't log in Kyle Hazelwood 03/29/2018 10:20 AM
15827 Boss-O-Schedule Bug New Normal Accidently hitting save more than once on operator database edit dialog duplicates entries 03/10/2017 11:12 AM
3837 Elog Idea Closed Low Add duration tag or start and stop time tags for possible downtime logger ability. 10/02/2013 08:41 AM
3834 Elog Feature Closed Normal Add entry sorting 05/13/2013 01:34 PM
5723 Elog Feature Closed Normal Add file preview to add files plugin Kyle Hazelwood 11/23/2016 10:43 PM
6961 Elog Feature Closed Low Additonal Date Spans Kyle Hazelwood 09/11/2014 01:17 AM
7795 Elog Idea Closed Low Add JSONP support to elog servlet Kyle Hazelwood 11/23/2016 10:54 PM
3839 Elog Feature Assigned Normal Add linked entries. Kyle Hazelwood 11/30/2016 02:03 PM
8036 Main Injector Department Website Idea Closed Low Add more photos to MI website header photos directory Kyle Hazelwood 03/09/2015 04:27 AM
7935 Main Injector Beam Line Smoothing Application (PA1976, I49) Idea New Normal Add RR 8 GeV line to program 02/24/2015 03:58 PM
11820 Recycler Injecton Closure Application (PA4187, R52) Feature Assigned High Add RR > P1 line closure Kyle Hazelwood 02/24/2016 02:59 PM
14762 Elog Feature Closed Normal Add "search subjects" checkbook to filter page Kyle Hazelwood 01/12/2017 12:36 PM
8001 Elog Support Closed Low Add user Kyle Hazelwood 03/02/2015 08:03 PM
7987 Elog Support Closed Low Add user to elog Kyle Hazelwood 02/27/2015 06:18 PM
3750 Elog Bug Closed High All modified_date columns are updating Kyle Hazelwood 04/23/2013 02:53 PM
16219 Elog Feature New Low Allow special characters in category names again Kyle Hazelwood 04/17/2017 11:17 AM
19527 Elog Bug New Low Anchor tags for entries/comments that are at button of page trigger infinite scroll Kyle Hazelwood 03/29/2018 10:05 AM
14718 Elog Bug Assigned High An entry in the Testing log does not have an author Kyle Hazelwood 11/30/2016 01:06 PM
7959 Electronic Collaboration Logbook Bug Resolved Normal API fails on unsanitized XML Vladimir Podstavkov 06/29/2016 10:14 AM
18323 Elog Bug Closed Low Bad SQL log users query Kyle Hazelwood 12/19/2017 12:02 PM
4812 Elog Feature Closed Low Be able to invert image colors 10/22/2013 03:49 AM
16220 Elog Feature New Low Be able to restrcit viewing privileges for some elog users Kyle Hazelwood 04/17/2017 11:19 AM
14434 Main Injector and Recycler Lattice Data Application (PA1793, I78) Feature Closed Low Be able to select more than 5 element types Kyle Hazelwood 11/07/2016 04:11 PM
8037 Recycler Injecton Closure Application (PA4187, R52) Bug New Normal Booster > MI line trim calibration file needs to be updated 03/09/2015 07:46 AM
8659 Recycler RF Control Application (PA4225, R3) Bug Closed Low "CALC" button is unnecessary for Anode Program page Kyle Hazelwood 05/07/2015 04:22 PM
14432 Main Injector and Recycler Lattice Data Application (PA1793, I78) Bug Closed High Can only show ~5000 rows Kyle Hazelwood 11/07/2016 03:25 PM
7758 Boss-O-Schedule Bug Closed Low Can't access Boss-O-Schedule website Kyle Hazelwood 02/03/2015 02:32 AM
17300 Elog Bug Closed High Can't add user if non super admin Kyle Hazelwood 08/03/2017 02:09 PM
17118 Elog Bug Closed Normal Can't edit/remove Subject from entry Kyle Hazelwood 12/19/2017 12:03 PM
15532 Elog Bug Closed Urgent Can't edit user Kyle Hazelwood 08/03/2017 02:09 PM
7820 Elog Support Closed Low Change entry subject tag Kyle Hazelwood 02/10/2015 11:02 AM
7986 Main Injector Department Website Idea Closed Low Change URL from to Kyle Hazelwood 04/11/2015 01:50 AM
15121 Elog Bug Remission High Chrome mobile CSS print media isnt working correctly Kyle Hazelwood 01/12/2017 03:28 PM
4347 Elog Bug Closed Normal Chrome rendering problem Kyle Hazelwood 07/16/2013 09:58 AM
3833 Elog Feature Closed High Cleanup file selection jquery plugin. Kyle Hazelwood 11/23/2016 10:38 PM
20073 Elog Bug Accepted Urgent ConcurrencyModificationException while editing or adding comment Kyle Hazelwood 05/31/2018 12:35 PM
14721 Elog Bug Closed High ConcurrentModificationException when getting entry Kyle Hazelwood 01/12/2017 12:38 PM
7650 Elog Support Closed Normal Create IOTA/ASTA logbook Kyle Hazelwood 02/24/2015 01:05 PM
4600 Elog Feature Closed Normal Cryogenics logbook 08/28/2013 10:54 AM
12068 Real Time Plotter Bug New Normal Data plotting offscale despite reading being in scale window 03/26/2016 09:00 AM
7850 Main Injector Radiation Survey Application (PA4078, I128) Support Closed Normal Delete all survey readings from 1/14/2015 survey that don't have fmr/h reading unit Kyle Hazelwood 02/24/2015 04:17 PM
22976 Fermi Redmine Support New Normal Deleting repository and re-creating did not delete files 07/23/2019 01:03 PM
8035 Main Injector Department Website Feature Closed Low DocsDB links are to the private areas Kyle Hazelwood 03/09/2015 04:29 AM
14615 Elog Bug Closed Urgent Double click form submission Kyle Hazelwood 11/23/2016 10:08 PM
4190 Elog Bug Closed Urgent Edit button and hidden entries (or comments) don't appear for some users when they should Kyle Hazelwood 06/21/2013 02:43 PM
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