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How to prevent the number of files in chunk changing when submit jobs

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In order to processing the huge amount of files, there are some options to do this.

1) start one project to process the big dataset;
2) split the big dataset into pieces and process them one by one.

I prefer to use the second option. However, the number of files for each chunk is changing.
The question is how to prevent the number of files changing for each chunk.


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When processing a large number of files, data handling experts recommend to do it by splitting the big dataset in small chunks of around ~20K files. In order to avoid having the initial big DS change it's size (as the processing advances and output files reach SAM) there are two options:

1) Define the big dataset not as a draining DS. Create the subsets from the big (non dynamic) definition.
2) Define the big DS as a draining DS and take a snapshot. Create the subsets from the snapshot.

The commnads to create small definitions from a predefined big definition are:

with limit n Limit the number of results to n
with offset n Skip the first n results

  • samweb list-files --help-dimensions

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