Feature #878

Missing feature: cross-repository issue-linking and repository references.

Added by Christopher Green about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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#1 Updated by Christopher Green about 10 years ago

So I managed to commit this issue without a description.

We (the CET group) have several related projects (they actually are subprojects according to redmine). The user-visible top-level project, art, is the one most likely to attract issues, even though the problem could easily be in one or more subpackages. We need a way to link issues across projects and/or refer to commits in other repositories. I realize this probably requires an addition to redmine itself but it would be nice if there were already a plugin to allow this, or a way of convincing the authors this was a good thing to do.

If there's any other way of getting what we want short of consolidating the projects into one (not an option), we'd be happy to hear it.

#2 Updated by Marc Mengel about 10 years ago

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I've flipped the settings flag, which allows cross-project issue references. This is simple, because the issue numbers are global to the redmine site; so that should just work now.

The other piece, how do I reference a commmit/revision in another project, I'm working on.
You can reference wiki pages in other projects, but short of putting in a full-url link,
I'm not seeng a shortcut for revisions in other projects yet.

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