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minos_jobsub retirement

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Minos production jobs and most users have moved from minos_jobsub
to the new jobsub_client submission tools.

Usage of the old servers has dropped to nearly zero, see the plots at

I propose to disable minos_jobsub and the associated services Monday Feb 23
after the collaboration meeting.

Minos local batch slots would still be supported on a best-effort basis
until Fermigrid allows jobs to run under the users' own UID,
something this is being planned this Spring.


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Grid submission via minos_jobsub stopped on schedule Feb 23.
Thanks !

I have disabled minos_jobsub,
which also shuts of the local batch pool which ran on our interactive nodes.
I see little usage since Oct 2014.

Unless I hear an objection this week,
I will ask for a shutdown of the now-idle legacy Minos condor system.

It did a great job for a long time !

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This was shut down in 2015.

2015/03/08 RITM0180136 shut down condor and GlideinWMS on minos25/54
2015/03/09 done

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