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Using "used" PDG ids for BSM particles in an LHE file

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  • (PYSLHA:) Ignoring DECAY table for KF = 10030 (SLHA read-in not allowed) * (PYSLHA:) Ignoring DECAY table for KF = 22006 (SLHA read-in not allowed) * (PYSLHA:) Ignoring DECAY table for KF = 22008 (SLHA read-in not allowed) * (PYSLHA:) Ignoring DECAY table for KF = 22009 (SLHA read-in not allowed) * (PYSLHA:) Ignoring DECAY table for KF = 1 (SLHA read-in not allowed)
    So, actually, Pythia does not like these pdgid codes, because they are already used.
    Perhaps yo u should use something more standard, like
    Zp = 32
    for the dark matter particle, you could use the 4th generation neutrino (18).
    I don't think neutralino will work, because you have positive and negative ids,
    whereas the neutralino is defined to be Majorana.
    If you use a non-standard id, I worry about how (if) it will be treated in the
    calculation of missing-Et.
    On 02/09/2015 02:12 PM, Ping Tan wrote:

Hi, Steve:

I am generating an exotic model (from Bogdan) and trying to import into CMS for hadronization and detector simulation.
The LHE file is located in the link below, which is generated with Madgraph5.

I am trying to pass this LHE file into CMSSW_5_3_24 for hadronization with the configuration as below.

with command like this,

cmsRun inputFiles="file:/uscms_data/d2/ptan/work/generator/MG5_aMC_v2_2_2/bin/PROC_eejjZ_UFO_1/Events/run_01/unweighted_events.lhe" outputFile="test.root" maxEvents=-1

The cmd run was success. But I took a quick look the event content. Looks like that I only can find the exotic particle Zp, but I can't see any daughter particles of the decay chain. I am pretty new to do this kind of conversion by myself. Can you please help take a look if I am getting all the setup right in the hadronizer file? I got it from Eiko with a couple of changes on the jet matching parameters.

If you are around Fermilab today, I can stop by.

Thanks very much in advance!


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