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Removal of MF_ExtModules library

Added by Ben Morgan almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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MessageFacility always builds the MF_ExtModules library, which is always dynamically loaded in MessageLoggerScribe::configure_errorlog(). However, the MF_ExtModules library only contains one empty extension class MFExtensions, so loading this library seems defunct given the (apparent) lack of functionality it provides.

Could this library be removed, or the MFExtensions class moved elsewhere if in MessageFacility it is still required as an interface (I'm happy to supply patches in either case)? Otherwise, could documentation on writing and loading extensions (presumably via a fhicl file)
be provided please?


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This is vestigial code that was used in a fork. We have short-medium-term plans for a more flexible destination plugin system using the PluginFactory in more recent versions of cetlib, at which time this code will be replaced. Since it is not currently used however, we would be happy to take a patch for its removal.

#2 Updated by Ben Morgan almost 5 years ago

Patch against current master branch (with Kyle's latest fixes) attached. This simply removes the dynamic loading of MF_ExtMod and all associated files/buildscripts for the library. There may be some remaining to connection to Extensions via EldestinationFactory, but build appears o.k. as does usage in art.

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Patch has been implemented and pushed to repository. Appropriate compile- and run-time behavior confirmed. Thanks for the patch.

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