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Add info about how often plots are supposed to update.

Added by Fernanda Psihas over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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For now this can just be a banner above the plots area on the ND and FD pages, respectively.

"The plots for the FarDet should update approximately every 20 minutes."
"The plots for the NearDet should update approximately every 1-2 hours (never more often than once per subrun)."

Also for NDOS "The plots for NDOS are no longer made"


#1 Updated by Nitin Yadav over 6 years ago

I have added a pop up window "Read Me" which includes the instruction or whatever information we want to convey to shifter.

Please have a look at

This is just a test.

and give comments.


#2 Updated by Fernanda Psihas over 6 years ago

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The Read Me file is a good idea in the sense that it adds information but it also adds complexity. Perhaps we can revisit that idea in the future.

I was hoping for more of a simple change.

Instead of the Read Me, could you display the text (where it now says Read Me) in some bright color like blue or green?
And maybe just one line for each detector such that when I'm looking at the plots for one detector I know how often those update and nothing extra. Thanks :)

#3 Updated by Nitin Yadav over 6 years ago

I will then try to put some more shifter friendly feature for the task (instead of Read Me) and will let you know soon.
(I will do this in test page)


#4 Updated by Nitin Yadav over 6 years ago

Hi Fernanda,

I have put a banner like as in

Is it fine? ( I can also stop the text moving ). Or If not then I will think something else.


#5 Updated by Nitin Yadav over 6 years ago

I just made the text steady on shifters choice.

#6 Updated by Fernanda Psihas over 6 years ago

Yes, just text is good.
Could you make it smaller and put it on the upper bar instead?

The problem with leaving it at the top of the plots area is that it is no longer there when you scroll down or click on other plots.

One more thing. The times are different for Near and Far detectors but they are also different for Day, Week and Month Plots... I can tell you what they are for each one but just note that they are different.


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