Bug #6646

mrb can't find .upsfiles in LBNE products repository

Added by Gianluca Petrillo over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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There is a problem with setting up a new local products directory for LBNE:

$ mrb newDev -p -v v02_02_01 -q debug:e5                                                               
NOTICE: Just make products area

building development area for larsoft v02_02_01 -q debug:e5

use existing build directory in .
use existing srcs directory /lbne/app/users/petrillo/LArSoft/develop/debug_e5/srcs
cp: cannot stat `/grid/fermiapp/products/lbne/prd/.upsfiles': No such file or directory
INFO: copying $MRB_SOURCE/larsoft/releaseDB/base_dependency_database

IMPORTANT: You must type
    source /lbne/app/users/petrillo/LArSoft/develop/debug_e5/localProducts_larsoft_v02_02_01_debug_e5/setup
NOW and whenever you log in

In this case, /grid/fermiapp/products/lbne/db (where the LBNE UPS setup is) also contains .upsfiles; the setup sets the product area to /grid/fermiapp/products/lbne/prd, which instead does not.
That causes set up of products in the MRB_INSTALL directory to fail.

I am using mrb v1_01_02.

Lynn Garren has suggested the following solution: copy maually any .upsfiles into MRB_INSTALL; e.g.,

cp -rv /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft/.upsfiles "$MRB_INSTALL" 

For this to work, the dbconfig in that directory needs to have a PROD_DIR_PREFIX pointing to UPS_THIS_DB directly.


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I understand the problem. If MRB_PROJECT is larsoft, mrb newDev works as expected. If MRB_PROJECT is lbne, then the .upsfiles directory is not in the expected place. Not sure about uboone. The particular bit of code which finds and copies .upsfiles needs an overhaul.

#2 Updated by Gianluca Petrillo over 6 years ago

For the record, MRB_PROJECT in my LBNE configuration is set to larsoft by the LBNE set up script (/grid/fermiapp/lbne/software/

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This is fixed in mrb v1_01_03, which is installed on /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft. pullProductsLAr-v02_03_00 and pullProductsLAr-v02_02_01 will install mrb v1_01_03.

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