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Added by Markus Diefenthaler almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Post-it notes are widely used in the control room. What about adding virtual post-it notes for SeaScape?

Possible implementation:
  • We could add in the database log a table Notes with the fields noteID (primary key) and note (text field).
  • The note page shows the note text fields in a box and sorts the box according to noteID.
  • The note page has also an option for deleting notes, editing existing notes, and adding new notes. This would require deleting entries in the table Notes, updating existing entries, or adding new entries, and thus also an update of the MySQL query builder.


#1 Updated by Mariusz Witek over 6 years ago

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Dhyaanesh and Mariusz have started working on implementing notes.

#2 Updated by Markus Diefenthaler over 6 years ago

The Notes pages works well. I have some remaining comments:

  • The text in the field remains after creating the note.
  • I would prefer to have first the field for the Author and then the field for the Note.
  • I would like to have a link to the ELOG that should be added to the bottom of the note: In the field you add the number of the the ELOG entry. At the bottom of the page it shows: Mote details on ELGO #<number of the the ELOG entry>. and ELOG #<number of the the ELOG entry> is a link to the full URL of the ELOG. This link should be only shown when an ELOG reference is given.
  • I would delete Create Note from the left panel and replace the text in the button with "Create Note".

#3 Updated by Markus Diefenthaler over 6 years ago

Mariusz has another good idea for the Notes page: "I spent some time thinking about how to improve the notes page as well. I really only laid the groundwork, but the organization definitely needs work. I was thinking about getting rid of the sidebar on the notes page entirely, opening up more room for notes. To create a note there will be a placeholder note (in a different color to differentiate it from existing notes) that looks similar to notes, but it would be possible to write in the note note then hit submit to create the note (thus putting the text in the new note to the right and the clearing of the text problem is resolved). Also, once we have the edit feature, you could maybe just click on an existing note to edit. ELOG liking is definitely something that can be done."

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