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On 6/19/14 9:45 AM, Joe Boyd wrote:

Hi Dennis,

Willis has the outputs of two jobs sitting in the directories noted below. He says the only difference between the two jobs is that one has parameters for his executable and the other doesn't (you can see that in the args line in the .cmd file). The problem is the out572 one fails because it doesn't find his script (you can see that in the .err file).

Look at the "Automatically generated by" lines in the _wrap file (including both below). Why does the one with parameters have the executable as "@/cdf/spool/willis/zcvmfs/".

Does this make any sense to you or should I run some tests? I have in fact run many jobs that have parameters and it's fine. Is maybe the @ sign in Willis's parameters screwing up parsing or??????

One that doesn't work
  1. Automatically generated by:
  2. jobsub -l +JobsubJobId="$(CLUSTER).$(PROCESS)" -l
    +Owner="willis" --resource-provides=usage_model=DEDICATED,OPPORTUNISTIC --OS=SL6
    /cdf/spool/willis/zcvmfs/ 99 fngp5 /cdf/spool/wi
    llis/zcvmfs ***********************************************************
The one without params that does work
  1. jobsub -l +JobsubJobId="$(CLUSTER).$(PROCESS)" -l
    +Owner="willis" --resource-provides=usage_model=DEDICATED,OPPORTUNISTIC --OS=SL6



On 06/19/2014 08:33 AM, Willis Sakumoto wrote:

Hi Joe:
The submit script and the outputs are on fcdflnx6,

a) outputs
ztemp/out564/ : no run params, it works
ztemp/out572/ : with run params, does not work
b) submit script:, the
'\ 99 $RUNPAR $USRHOST $OUTBASE' is not there
for ztemp/out564/, and there for 'ztemp/out572/'

-- Willis


Bug #6561: regular expression in still not rightClosedDennis Box

Bug #6563: dropbox storage area has lots of unnecessary duplicate files in oddly named directoriesClosedDennis Box


#1 Updated by Dennis Box over 6 years ago

Hi Willis,

What machine are you submitting from? I tried submitting from fcdflnx5 to make sure my workaround actually worked in the CDF environment, and it turns out has authentication problems on that node see issue 6526


#2 Updated by Dennis Box over 6 years ago

Willis' problem as described stems from one of the input parameters to :

jobsub --resource-provides=usage_model=DEDICATED,OPPORTUNISTIC --OS=SL6
file:/// 99 fngp5 /cdf/spool/willis/zcvmfs

The email address has an '' in it. has a regular expression that cues on '' to change the path of from the clients location to the servers. It breaks if there is an email address as an argument after

As a workaround I advised willis to omit the '@' in his input parameters and co-join 'willis' and programmatically in his script

Looking deeper this regex is a consequence of . originally had a regex that broke when someone submitted a job with an email address before the executable. We (and by we I mean me) stupidly changed the regular expression to cue on the last '@' in the arguments which broke when Willis put his email address as an argument after the executable.

I found other problems looking at the interplay of --tarfile, file://some_file, dropbox://some_file, I am making subtask tickets:

subtask 1): fix regular expression so its happy with email addresses before or after executable. Fixing regex so it never breaks when users discover a new way to put '@' in an argument may be harder, I'm not as imaginative as some users. I have tested one that seems pretty bullet proof but one never knows .

While looking for a workaround for Willis I realized these are needed:

subtask 2): dropbox:///some_file needs to put servers /path/to/some_file in the transfer_input_files list.

subtask 3): the dropbox storage area has lots of unnecessary duplicate files in oddly named directories. Potential for lots of unnecessary uploading to the server, and a operational headache when the dropbox area fills up with duplicates. The dropbox area should have subdirectories named after a hex digest of the uploaded file, if file already lives on dropbox server don't upload it again. This has the added benefit of ensuring that the file was not corrupted when uploaded by checking clients digest against servers digest.

#3 Updated by Dennis Box over 6 years ago

  • Subject changed from --tarfile problems with to various problems with
  • Status changed from New to Resolved

I changed the title of this issue as I confused this ticket with other questions Willis had about the --tarfile option. The --tarfile option never worked very well and is not needed given that the -f option with ifdh and the dropbox:// option do the same thing only better. Willis cannot use ifdh and the -f and -d options as these require cdf lockfiles which do not exist and may never. He will be able to use dropbox:// with the release of 0.4

#4 Updated by Parag Mhashilkar over 6 years ago

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