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add --user flag to

Added by Dennis Box almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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This feature has already been tagged and released but not deployed as there are questions about its RESTfulness. The ticket is being created after the fact to document the work done and identify where it lives in git.

The URL that uses for this release (v0.3.1.2) actually works for all of the v0.3* servers and some of the v0.2x servers. I.e. the /jobsub/jobs/ URL basically does condor_q -g for these servers, /jobsub/jobs/?user=fred does condor_q fred, /jobsub/jobs/?group=fred does condor_q -constraint 'AccountingGroup == "fred"' , /jobsub/jobs/?job_id=X' does condor_q cluster.process after decoding the cluster and process from X which is different in the 2.0 and 3.0 servers but usually works.

/jobsub/jobs/?user=fred&group=nova&job_id= and all permutations work correctly on all v0.3 servers and some v0.2 servers, but are not RESTful.

I am going to create a branch with all of the client-side changes in them to make backing it out of the main branch easier. There is already a branch with 6512, a server side bug isolated in it, which I want to keep in the main branch. These two branches are the whole of the changes for v0.3.1.2 from v0.3.1.1


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A much more restful URL for this functionality would be /jobsub/users/<user>/jobs/, and in v0.4 this returns 501 not implemented instead of 404 not found. Make this work for v1.0

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see branch 6517-newer . I didn't want to figure out how to merge the conflicts right now I am trying to get a release out.

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