Feature #6506

Feature #6504: uploading of tests

automated upload to database using provided script

Added by Hans-Joachim Wenzel about 6 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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- automation:
allow script/application (e.g. triggered by end of job) to run and populate the database automatically
requires authentication (could be encrypted password/ certificate based)


#1 Updated by Hans-Joachim Wenzel over 5 years ago

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we created root scripts that read histograms from a root file, then creates sql statements that can be used to upload the data to the data base. This can be used for batch and grid jobs to automate the upload procedure.

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This functionality will be provided by a new project. A web service that will provide functionality to extract and add to the database.
This will allow to use any programming language that can handle http requests to interact with the data base in a programmatical way.
The description of the data will be in form of json or xml files.

#4 Updated by Hans-Joachim Wenzel about 4 years ago

Issues regarding the new web service will be tracked in the JIRA issue tracking system as setup for the geant 4 collaboration.

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