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A "print" feature to assist in debugging

Added by Rob Kutschke almost 7 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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To assist in debugging fhicl files we request a feature like the following. The syntax is meant to be suggestive of the functionality we want not a prescription for the exact syntax we want.

physics : {

  producers : {
      foo : @local::foo

     @echo "The value of foo is: " foo


When the parser encounters the "@echo" line it would cout or cerr the quoted text and the value of the symbol . I don't know enough about how the parser works to fully understand what I mean by "when the parser encounters this line..." but something close to that must have a well defined meaning.


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After thinking about this, we would like to have a discussion. We are wondering if a command-line option, --debug-param=<x>, showing the full evolution of a particular parameter rather than the snapshot your @echo would provide, might be more useful. There is also a question over what the behavior should be for non-atoms (sequences and tables).

#2 Updated by Andrei Gaponenko almost 7 years ago

Many people do not know about the ART_DEBUG_CONFIG functionality. Addressing would help to spread the information. Having a command line option "--debug-config" would be even more convenient. (Can't you do "putenv()" internally so that users are not required to set and unset the environment var?)


#3 Updated by David Brown over 6 years ago

What would the result of --debug-param=<x> be? Just printout to the users screen? The main point of @echo would be to record the value of some configuration in the log file of a functioning job, so that it can later be referenced to the output of that job. ART_DEBUG_CONFIG is fine for debugging scripts but it doesn't serve this purpose.

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We believe that the FHiCL annotation facilities in the current art suite satisfy the need behind this request. If this is not the case, please open a new feature request.

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