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Event Mixer

Added by Nathan Mayer almost 7 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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When running the event mixer we get the following error message from ART:

cet::exception caught in art
---- EventProcessorFailure BEGIN
An exception occurred during current event processing
---- ScheduleExecutionFailure BEGIN

---- LogicError BEGIN
MixHelper could not find entry number 1848 in its own lookup table.
cet::exception going through module MixSimEvents/singleMixer run: 1 subRun: 7 event: 1
---- LogicError END
Exception going through path p1
---- ScheduleExecutionFailure END
cet::exception caught in EventProcessor and rethrown
---- EventProcessorFailure END

We'd like to understand better what this message telling us and how to avoid it in the future. This is for art version 1.08.10.


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Could you tell us please, what art version and readMode (SEQUENTIAL, RANDOM_REPLACE, RANDOM_LIM_REPLACE or RANDOM_NO_REPLACE) you were using when you observed this error? It would also help to know exactly how many events were in the secondary file(s) you were reading at the time. I'm not going to change the tracker designation just yet but on first blush this smells like an off-by-one error in the secondary event selection code for one of the read modes.

#2 Updated by Nathan Mayer almost 7 years ago

The readMode just says random. It's for art version 1.08.10 as I said above. There were approximately 36000 events in the secondary file. And a poison mean of 28.65 events for the secondaries.

#3 Updated by Christopher Green almost 7 years ago

Can you point me to this date file, please? I'm not seeing any evidence of off-by-one behavior in the code for the mode (RANDOM, a.k.a. RANDOM_REPLACE), so what I'm left with is wondering whether that entry is actually missing from the file for reasons unknown. Anything you can tell me about how the file was generated would also be helpful.

#4 Updated by Christopher Green almost 7 years ago

Please also attach or paste the output of ART_DEBUG_CONFIG=1.

#5 Updated by Nathan Mayer almost 7 years ago

That's isn't going to be possible. The secondary files that are created are transitory. The secondary file is created from 40 random files that get concatenated together. The resultant concatenated file is destroyed on the worker node. I'll try to replicate this error and retrieve the concatenated files.

#6 Updated by Christopher Green almost 7 years ago

Why are you concatenating the files rather than listing them all in the mix filter configuration? With the different random modes (RANDOM_LIM_REPLACE and RANDOM_NO_REPLACE, for example) it seems like the number of events in a file is now irrelevant.

A change was recently made to the mix helper that may have removed the chance for this to happen (for release with 1.10.00), but since we don't know exactly what the circumstances were I would propose we put this ticket into remission status until you are able to duplicate it with the upcoming release.

#7 Updated by Nathan Mayer almost 7 years ago

Ok, that sounds fine. We'll keep working on this end.

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