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Redundant SelectEvents

Added by Rob Kutschke over 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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The grammar to add a SelectEvents clause to an output or analyzer module is:

module_label : {
   module_type : foo
   SelectEvents: { SelectEvents: [ trigger_path_name ] }

This has always seemed redundant. Is there a good reason for it? If not, I would like to discuss removing the redunancy:

module_label : {
   module_type : foo
   SelectEvents  : [ p2a ] 


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There is no reason why this cannot be fixed. It is a historical feature of the old python-based configuration system. We can support both in the near term, but we would propose that the old format be retired eventually, say 1.12.00.

Is this acceptable?

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The initial analysis of this problem was erroneous: a ParameterSet is involved because its ID is stored as an attribute of the History of the product. One could conceivably store the ID of the containing module configuration ParameterSet instead, but that is a semantic change that may have broader consequences. This seems like a major step to address something as simple as redundancy.

#3 Updated by Rob Kutschke over 6 years ago

Thanks for looking at this. Given the latest analysis I concur with the decision to reject it. Please close the issue.

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After further analysis, we determined that reassigning the ParameterSetID to the containing module configuration was safe. Since the semantic of the stored value has now changed, a file-format-version adjustment is warranted. The file-format-version must change with the art:version:"Arcturus" release anyway, so it is natural to include this ParameterSetID semantic change as well.

Enabling event-selection is now achieved by the following configurations:

physics : {
   analyzers : {
      a1 : {
         module_type : MyAnalyzer
         SelectEvents: [p1,p2]


outputs : {
   o1 : {
      module_type : AnyOutput
      SelectEvents: [p1,p2]

The legacy configurations (the nested "SelectEvents.SelectEvents" clause as mentioned in the description of this issue) are still supported, but they are deprecated. If the deprecated configuration is used, the following diagnostic is emitted at the top of the art-process printout:

The nested "physics.analyzers.a1.SelectEvents.SelectEvents" configuration
is deprecated.  It will be replaced with:
  physics.analyzers.a1.SelectEvents: [...]

The stored configuration on disk is, therefore, the correct specification.

Implemented with art:899fb5ca.

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