Feature #6160

Provide support for adding package version and build time information to the Run data products in raw data files

Added by Kurt Biery over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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This Issue is a first step toward #5304 which requests a general purpose mechanism for storing data in the Run and Subrun data products in a file. The full request includes the possibility of taking data from somewhere in the system (e.g. a hardware module) and storing it in a Run or Subrun data product. This is non-trivial since we will need to devise a way to capture that information early in the system and pass it through the EventBuilders and Aggregator in an acceptable way. It may also mean getting the sending of Run products from the EBs to the AG working (currently, this functionality is commented out).

A simpler request is to simply add some data to the Run data products in the Aggregator, and a reasonable choice for the data to be added is the version and build time of one or more software packages (e.g. artdaq and ds50daq).

At this point in time, this task is very close to done, so this Issue is being created a bit late. However, one could consider it a spin-off of #5304.

Before I specify an estimate of the time needed for this Issue, I need to go through my notes and determine how much time I've already spent. Then, I will update the estimate for this Issue (and presumably reduce that amount of time from #5304).

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#1 Updated by Kurt Biery over 6 years ago

The code changes for this have been committed to the feature/rundata branch in the artdaq git repository and the feature/rundata branch in the ds50daq git repository.

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17 hours have been spent on this task already.

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