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Large Dataset Management

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Adopt the following procedures to manage large datasets in order to ensure
efficient resource utilization:
a. Work directly with the data storage group to enumerate the types and
sizes of files that the experiment will store with the Enstore
system. Establish file families for classes of files with dramatically different sizes or restore requirements. Continue to adjust the SFA policies, based on new optimizations from the data storage group, for each file family based on these sizes and recommendations from the storage group. Bypass the SFA system for files above the new thresholds established by the storage group to avoid future performance problems with restores from tape
b. Perform staging requests through the SAM data catalog system or through special arrangements with the data storage group to ensure optimized restore of files from tape and to minimize the number of mounts per physical tape
c. Reduce contention for disk/tape mover resources through administrative scheduling of tasks. Notify and schedule with designated CS-liaisons and the data storage group any large scale restore or reprocessing efforts prior to their start.


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Assign this to myself. Need to look at what families we have. If they are appropriate. Art Kreymer showed me how to check our families which I'm in the process of trying to do.

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