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Data Management Workflow Umbrella Task

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Support #6118: Test Data Production into dCache ScratchClosedJaewon Park

Support #6120: Test user analysis from PNFS using the catalogClosed

Support #6125: FTS page viewable offsiteClosed

Support #6126: Run Ana job from Reco files declared by the new FTSClosed

Support #6133: Transition FTS from development to experiment supportNew

Necessary Maintenance #6180: document and update the dcache FTS configFeedbackHeidi Schellman

Support #6185: FTS documented sufficiently for minerva experts to fully understand operationNewErica Snider

Support #6132: Start using SAM dataset definitions as the basis for playlistsNew

Support #6117: Test FTS from dCache Scratch to catalogued PNFSClosedMichael Diesburg

Support #6137: FTS for DAQAssignedMarc Mengel

Necessary Maintenance #6182: Test auto metadata production from FTS on if04AssignedHeidi Schellman

Feature #6119: Test production using dCache scratch as input to later stages.ClosedMousumi Datta

Support #6121: Modify ProductionScripts framework for production into dCacheClosedJaewon Park

Support #6122: Delete old production files from BlueArc disk.ClosedMousumi Datta

Support #6123: Modify ProductionScripts framework to use PNFS with catalog for input.ClosedJaewon Park

Support #6124: Comprehensive Data Management DocumentationFeedbackHeidi Schellman

Support #6127: Get calibration to use PNFS with catalog for inputClosed

Support #6128: Get calibration to use dCache scratch for outputClosedDaniel Ruterbories

Support #6130: Write production directly to dopbox?Closed

Support #6131: Make samweb understand old SAM metadata / produce new samweb format data where appropriateClosedJaewon Park

Review Request #6145: SAM - samweb compatibilityClosed

Review Request #6136: Minerva Offline CoordinatorAcceptedDaniel Ruterbories

Review Request #6138: Unify calibration scripts framework for long term maintainability and dCache compatabilityClosedDaniel Ruterbories

Review Request #6139: Bulk Restore from SFAClosed

Review Request #6140: Large Dataset ManagementAssignedDaniel Ruterbories

Review Request #6142: Job BookkeepingClosed

Review Request #6143: File Naming ConventionClosed

Review Request #6144: File Access AuditAssignedDaniel Ruterbories

Review Request #6146: End of Run ValidationClosedHeidi Schellman

Review Request #6147: SAM for Analysis FilesClosed

Review Request #6148: JSON based metadataClosed

Support #6129: Declare metadata to catalog at time of creationClosed

Review Request #6149: CredentialsClosedCheryl Patrick

Review Request #6150: Configuration VersioningClosedHeidi Schellman

Review Request #6151: Remove direct file read/write to/from BlueArcNewJaewon Park

Review Request #6152: Remove direct cpn callsClosedCheryl Patrick

Necessary Maintenance #6181: Replace cpn with ifdh for MINOS filesClosedMarc Mengel

Review Request #6186: Review non-MinosDataAlg explicit cpn callsClosedCheryl Patrick

Review Request #6153: The use of a Minerva personnel’s personal credentials for the operation of data handling services should be curtailed.ClosedGabriel Perdue

Review Request #6154: Special Test quequeClosed

Support #6163: Can't check checksum in /pnfs/scratch, breaks some storage methodsClosedMarc Mengel


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