Nova Simulation Problem #6018

CMap Error from ND rock files

Added by Nathan Mayer over 6 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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I'm getting the following error from the official ND rock single files. The are the secondary files for the ND generation. The error is:
nova: /build/nova/novasoft/releases/S14-04-22/CMap/ void cmap::CMap::postBeginRun(const art::Run&): Assertion `!rdcol.empty()' failed.

This error happens ~30% of the time for Grid jobs.


#1 Updated by Nathan Mayer over 6 years ago

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Changing the assignee from Sandeep to unassigned because I don't know who to assign this to. And I didn't mean to assign it Sandeep.

#2 Updated by Christopher Backhouse over 6 years ago

The particular line you're hitting looks to be dead code. Whatever this xml override mechanism is supposed to be, I don't believe it's ever actually done anything.

So we could rip all that out, but I expect someone else (like Geometry) would throw the same error.

How does one make a Run without a RunData object in it? Especially nondeterministically?

#3 Updated by Nathan Mayer over 6 years ago

This seems to be happening in GenieGen/GenieHelper when the RunData object is created. And appears to be happening randomly.

#4 Updated by Gavin Davies over 6 years ago

Are we about to run into this problem again for the latest ND generation??
I don't see how this ever got fixed

#5 Updated by Christopher Backhouse over 6 years ago

For the hordes of people about to be looking at this, here's why this is mysterious:

The RunData object is put into the event unconditionally in GENIEGen::beginRun().

And then in CMap::postBeginRun() we try to get it out.

There shouldn't be any chance for a race condition. beginRun() comes before postBeginRun(). That's the point.

I recommend printouts to find if/when these functions are called.

#6 Updated by Daniel Pershey about 6 years ago

I ran into this problem when trying to piece together a reco fhicl. While running the reco on a GENIE file in the ND, the job would always crash with the CMap error. After comparing the fhicl to an official reco job, I found I was missing the lines:

physics.analyzers.metadata.params.Reconstructed.base_release: "" #automatically picked up at run time
physics.analyzers.metadata.params.NOVA.Standard: "true"

Putting in these lines fixed the problem somehow.

#7 Updated by Gavin Davies over 5 years ago

This is STILL an issue, 11 MONTHS on...

Ruth and I are running into this for the latest round of simulation processing.
Here's a couple of log files with job specifics and the error:



We really need to nail this one long-term...Out of 10 test jobs, 2 hit this error. Sure not a huge statistical sample but that's still 20% here...

#8 Updated by Christopher Backhouse over 5 years ago

As I recall we never had a completely reproducible test-case. Can you put one together (ie "run this command line in this release")?

Note as mentioned above that all that CMap code is dead. Didn't you rip it out recently Gavin?

#9 Updated by Kanika Sachdev almost 4 years ago

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#10 Updated by Kanika Sachdev almost 4 years ago

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