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Generic CVMFS

Added by Dave Dykstra about 7 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Support #5706: Update CVMFS documentation for maintaining repositoriesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #5714: Write GeoIP-based server ordering scriptClosedDave Dykstra

Support #5716: Add wildcard support to .cvmfsdirtab for cvmfs-server 2.1ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #5717: Add source path to cvmfs squid logClosedDave Dykstra

Support #5722: Evaluate unionfs-fuse as aufs alternativeRejectedDave Dykstra

Support #5739: Evaluate cvmfs proxy-autoconfig supportClosedDave Dykstra

Support #6100: Stay informed about CVMFS issues and developmentsNewDave Dykstra

Support #6101: Prepare for and attend the EGI Community ForumClosedDave Dykstra

Support #6103: Release frontier-squid rpm with cvmfs-info in log & build for OSGClosedDave Dykstra

Support #6431: Add osg & egi config to cvmfs-keys, add server orderingClosed

Support #6709: Fix problem with alien cache catalog updatesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #6933: Change default cvmfs_server apache config to use "AllowOverride Limit" instead of "AllowOverride All"ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #6939: Update CVMFS technical report to recommend 1 machine instead of 3 for Stratum 1ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #7331: Add backup proxy feature to cvmfs clientClosedDave Dykstra

Support #7571: fix up bugs in geo apiClosedDave Dykstra

Support #7581: fix cvmfs_config wipecache for multiple shared cachesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #7582: Change the geoapi implementation to use given proxy name's locationClosedDave Dykstra

Support #7767: Update StratumOnes twiki for cvmfs-2.1.20ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8129: Parallelize stratum 1 updatesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8352: Update geo api for IPv6ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8364: Make a cvmfsrsync scriptClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8382: Get pacwget distributed in cvmfsNewDave Dykstra

Support #8654: Investigate cvmfs-server snapshot performanceNewDave Dykstra

Support #9188: Add cvmfs_server option for relocating cache directoryClosedDave Dykstra

Support #9731: Add cvmfs_config option for probing repository revisions on all stratum 1sNewDave Dykstra

Support #9742: Implement cvmfs-servermon packageClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10350: Separately geo-sort servers when using fallback proxiesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10351: Made a 'cvmfscp' command line toolNewDave Dykstra

Support #7175: Add catalog hash to "cvmfs_talk open catalogs" outputNewDave Dykstra

Support #11714: Make a monitoring probe for cvmfs stratum 1sClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11873: cvmfs-servermon api crashes when .cvmfs_last_snapshot is emptyClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12234: cvmfs_rsync will not convert directory into symlinkClosedDave Dykstra

Support #13338: Disable 'Vary' header in apache configClosedDave Dykstra

Support #13356: There should be a way to get info on external hosts in cvmfs_talkClosedDave Dykstra

Support #13380: Setting a fallback proxy interferes with accesses to an external data serverClosedDave Dykstra

Support #13970: Send email to cvmfs-stratum-alarm based on cvmfs-servermon resultsRejectedDave Dykstra

Support #14114: Build cvmfs-x509-helper for DebianClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14165: Make cvmfs_server publish warn when catalogs are too largeRejectedDave Dykstra

Support #14172: Make it easy to run garbage collection occasionallyClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14652: Keep timestamp for successful garbage collectionsClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14653: Prevent garbage collection from running at the same time as snapshot or publishClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14750: Improve failure detection/logging on empty CVMFS_SERVER_URL / unavailable config repoClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14784: Put a limit on cvmfs-server publish file sizeRejectedDave Dykstra

Support #14792: Add cvmfs_talk external host switch commandClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14877: ignoring of stale locks is broken for publishingClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14836: Make it easy to recreate .cvmfspublishedClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14884: Change stratum 1 configurations to use port 8000ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14984: Add garbage collection check to cvmfs-servermonClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14983: apache config does not get migratedClosed

Support #15249: Migrate from cvmfs-server-2.1.20 does not create repositories.jsonClosedDave Dykstra

Support #15692: Change cvmfs_rsync to use rsync's "perishable" featureClosedDave Dykstra

Support #16375: Add support for Yubikey 4 & NEO to cvmfs-serverClosedDave Dykstra

Support #16387: Geo list for external servers not being requested from regular stratum 1sClosedDave Dykstra

Support #16462: Add option to cvmfs_server resign to not require repository configurationClosedDave Dykstra

Support #16519: Add cvmfs_server resign option to reduce the .cvmfswhitelist expirationClosedDave Dykstra

Support #16623: Mismatch between cvmfs_server graft and kBigFileClosedDave Dykstra

Support #16942: Allow overlayfs with more filesystem typesClosed

Support #17043: Elevate curl/network errors to show up in /var/log/messagesClosed

Support #17042: Give more detail in /var/log/messages for "Failed to initialize root file catalog"RejectedDave Dykstra

Support #17115: Reduce catalog TTLClosedDave Dykstra

Support #17036: blacklist does not block mount when repo is in the cacheClosed

Support #17127: Put a limit on cvmfs-server publish file sizeClosedDave Dykstra

Support #17133: Make cvmfs_server publish warn when catalogs are too largeClosedDave Dykstra

Support #17202: Geo api needs to cache DNS lookups, especially failuresClosedDave Dykstra

Support #17205: Use separate WSGIProcessGroup for cvmfs-servermonClosedDave Dykstra

Support #17370: Improve error message when external data attempted without external server setNew

Support #17745: Build cvmfs-x509-helper for debian platformsClosedDave Dykstra

Support #18106: Send Server Name Indication on https connectionsRejectedDave Dykstra

Support #18140: Add option to use system CA certs for https server validationClosedDave Dykstra

Support #18395: Geo api returns "Bad Request: remote addr not found in database"ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #18517: Move general parts of StratumOne twiki to official docNewDave Dykstra

Support #18597: Clean errors shouldn't create a core dumpClosed

Support #18609: Automatically clean out data/txn files after failuresNew

Support #18620: Prevent publishing symlinks that point outside of cvmfsNewDave Dykstra

Support #18737: Update geoapi service to support CloudFlare aliasesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #19376: Replace geolite database in geo apiClosedDave Dykstra

Support #19849: Make cvmfs_server check easily automatableNewDave Dykstra

Support #20274: cvmfs_server snapshot -t should override a lock if updating process has diedClosedDave Dykstra

Support #21230: Geolite2 download failing, triggered DDOS protectionClosedDave Dykstra

Support #21355: Outdated manifestClosedDave Dykstra

Support #21437: Not enough detail in http connection errorsClosedDave Dykstra

Support #22597: New geodb is not loaded into the geo api until apache is reloadedClosedDave Dykstra


#1 Updated by Dave Dykstra almost 3 years ago

  • Due date changed from 01/29/2016 to 05/02/2018

due to changes in a related task: #19849

#2 Updated by Dave Dykstra almost 3 years ago

  • Due date changed from 01/29/2016 to 07/05/2018

due to changes in a related task: #20274

#3 Updated by Dave Dykstra over 2 years ago

  • Due date changed from 01/29/2016 to 10/25/2018

due to changes in a related task: #21230

#4 Updated by Dave Dykstra over 2 years ago

  • Due date changed from 01/29/2016 to 11/12/2018

due to changes in a related task: #21355

#5 Updated by Dave Dykstra over 2 years ago

  • Due date changed from 01/29/2016 to 11/27/2018

due to changes in a related task: #21437

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