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Support #5704: Upgrade oasis-replica to cvmfs 2.1ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #5703: Re-build oasis repository with smaller catalogsClosedDave Dykstra

Support #5705: Add support for OASIS externally-hosted repositoriesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #6674: Write script to call add_osg_repository on oasis-replicaClosedDave Dykstra

Support #5711: Convert oasis repository to CVMFS 2.1ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8168: Write instructions for cutting new cvmfs-2.1-based oasis*-itb machines into serviceClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8169: Make script to trigger updates on oasis-itbClosedDave Dykstra

Support #5707: Write CVMFS/OASIS policy enforcement scriptsAssignedDave Dykstra

Support #5715: Improve OASIS monitoringAssignedDave Dykstra

Support #5712: Implement stratum 1 monitoring probeClosedDave Dykstra

Support #5713: Extend Frontier client's failover monitor to CVMFSClosedDave Dykstra

Support #5783: Try OASIS 2.0 beta codeClosedDave Dykstra

Support #6393: Set up smartcards for the OASIS stratum 0ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #6890: Make OSG twiki page with instructions for installing a stratum 1ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #7773: Write install script for oasis-replicaClosedDave Dykstra

Support #7862: Write install scripts for oasis and oasis-loginClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8362: Update install-oasis-replica to add boot cleanup of snapshotting locksClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8424: Update install-oasis to fix file leak problem in cvmfs-server-2.1.20ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8513: Install new stratum 1 machine at NebraskaClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8561: Add recovery for crash & reboot on oasis and oasis-replicaClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8817: create service-monitor file on the oasis machinesRejectedDave Dykstra

Support #8818: update install-oasis-login to work on el6 as well as el5ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #8852: Update OasisExternalRepositories for cvmfs-2.1.20ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #9249: Update oasis status stamp scriptsClosedDave Dykstra

Support #9743: Convert oasis and oasis-replica to use locally attached diskClosedDave Dykstra

Support #9798: Fix problem with repositories being blanked overnightRejectedDave Dykstra

Support #9807: Add oasis check for /cvmfs/ being mountedClosed

Support #9808: Fix problem with oasis publish requests not always being honoredClosed

Support #9821: update cvmfs_rsync to clean up .cvmfscatalog in '.' directories, and use in do_oasis_updateClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10095: Add support for distributing cvmfs repositories from any domainClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10352: update install scripts to delete iptables settings added by gociptablesRejectedDave Dykstra

Support #10551: Update OasisExternalRepositories to apply to a repository from any domainClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11519: Create master ticket for March 2016 updatesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11655: Update OASIS software, target date in March 2016ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10651: Prevent oasis_replica_status from warning about repos that haven't finished initial snapshotClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11420: Remove oasis dependency on nas01ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11656: Upgrade oasis-replica to cvmfs-server-2.2.XClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10408: make minor updates to add_osg_repository and resign_osg_whitelistClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10505: replicate_whitelists on oasis-replica is reading from oasis-itb instead of oasisClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10506: Add timestamp to oasis_replica_statusClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10672: Change oasis-batch-worker to clean up if it gets a signalClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11466: Unblanking repositories should be like opensciencegrid.orgClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11551: Add oasis-itb feature to automatically add new external repositoriesClosed

Support #11467: blanking of repositories broken after OO-103ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10353: Set up an OSG CVMFS configuration repositoryClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10607: Remove creation of dnsmasq symlink in /etc/rc3.d on oasis and oasis-replica install scriptsClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11658: Update oasis-replica stamp generation script to use cvmfs-servermonClosedDave Dykstra

Support #10604: Prevent do_oasis_update from writing if /cvmfs/ is not mountedClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11702: Separate oasis-goc and oasis-server code basesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11657: Upgrade oasis to cvmfs-2.2.X and cvmfs-server-2.2.XClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11700: Set up building oasis pull requests with travisci.orgNewDave Dykstra

Support #11792: Add a default CMS_LOCAL_SITE setting in the config repositoryClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11816: Rebuild repositories on oasis and oasis-replicaClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11836: Add mechanism to replicate config repo from oasis to oasis-itbClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11966: ´╗┐Remove vers=3 on oasis-login static mounts in /etc/fstabClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12027: rebuild repositories on oasis-itb and oasis-replica-itbClosedDave Dykstra

Support #11886: Change update_oasis_vos to not copy from nas01ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12152: Add mechanism to replicate config-osg repo from oasis-itb to oasisClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12264: Use cvmfs-server's cvmfs_rsync command in do_oasis_updateClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12421: Upgrade oasis and oasis-replica to cvmfs-server-2.2.2ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12703: Move oasis-replica's cron into rpmClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12708: Change repos to come from FNAL rather than UNL stratum 1ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12709: Change install-oasis-replica to remove OIM-registered repos that fail initial snapshotClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12770: Enable secure CVMFS features without worker node clientClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12771: Change of URL for CVMFS_EXTERNAL_URLS for ligo.osgstorage.orgClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12772: Move osg-oasis and cvmfs-config-osg source to githubClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12773: Upgrade oasis-replica to frontier-squid-3.5.19+ for IPv6 supportClosedDave Dykstra

Support #12879: Make cvmfs-config-egi rpmClosed

Support #13035: Update cvmfs-config-osg to use new CVMFS fallback proxiesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #13085: Remove cvmfs_rsync copy from the oasis machinesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #13237: Add frontier-awstats to OSG software for use only at the GOCClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14171: Enable garbage collection on repositoriesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14331: Add to update_oasis_vos to read new .cvmfswhitelist files from productionClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14369: Update oasis and oasis-itb to cvmfs and cvmfs-server 2.3.2+ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14443: Do not depend on lsb_release for secured repos.ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14755: Rebuild oasis and oasis-replica repositoriesRejectedDave Dykstra

Support #14788: Increase timeout for data accessesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14810: Upgrade cvmfs software on oasis to version 2.3.2+RejectedDave Dykstra

Support #14811: update_oasis_vos breaks install on oasisClosed

Support #14816: Update revision number in config-osg repo just like in oasisClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14885: Update oasis & oasis-replica application software for EL7.3ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #14815: Enable resigning of config-osg repo on oasis machineClosed

Support #15066: Try to reduce timeout in add_osg_repository -a if server does not respondClosed

Support #15555: Update oasis and oasis-replica to cvmfs and cvmfs-server 2.3.3+ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #16327: Add to default cache servers for osgstorage.orgClosedDave Dykstra

Support #16331: Update in config repository to use OSG aliases for OSG stratum 1sClosedDave Dykstra

Support #16328: Add BNL to the list of stratum 1s for osgstorage.orgClosedDave Dykstra

Support #16374: Enable IPv6 on oasis machinesClosedDave Dykstra

Support #17405: Move oasis-goc rpm to goc subversion branch and yum repositoryClosedDave Dykstra

Support #17498: Update OasisExternalRepositories with new procedureClosedDave Dykstra

Support #17563: Add config repo settings for cms.osgstorage.orgClosedDave Dykstra

Support #17626: Support https-sourced repositories, but prevent from replicating on stratum 1New

Support #17881: Change oasis-login install script to install ouser.mis crontabClosedDave Dykstra

Support #17896: Change resign_osg_whitelist to check for masterkeycard twiceRejectedDave Dykstra

Support #18200: Update the atlas-nightlies config repo config to use CERN stratum 1ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #18204: Take fresh snapshots of oasis.opensciencegrid.orgClosedDave Dykstra

Support #18470: Update oasis repository optionsClosedDave Dykstra

Support #18593: Can't add new repositories on oasis-replica with cvmfs-server-2.4ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #18734: Update cvmfs config repo to send DIRECT traffic through openhtc.ioClosedDave Dykstra

Support #19033: Update frontier-awstats on oasis-replica to version 6.9-4.3+ClosedDave Dykstra

Support #19595: systemctl restart apparently aborts running snapshots #3 NewDave Dykstra

Support #19678: Restart frontier-squid automatically if it crashes on oasis-replicaNewDave Dykstra

Support #19966: Clean up uses of my.opensciencegrid.orgClosedDave Dykstra

Support #22731: Increase the rate of updates on the OSG stratum 1ClosedDave Dykstra

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