Bug #5632

Unknown picture format wipes out comments when submitted

Added by Cheng-Yang Tan almost 6 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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When a tif file is used as a picture and submitted to elog, the webbrowser gives "Bad Request: Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand". It is better to have an error message that says that the picture format is not understood so that the user can correct it. Or better, elog converts the picture to an understood format.


#1 Updated by Kyle Hazelwood almost 6 years ago

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I agree that the error message is lacking. There actually is a detailed error message being sent to the user from the elog, unforutanely it is being intercepted by the Chablis server proxy first and then sanitzed. I am working with controls to come up with a solution.

#2 Updated by Chip Edstrom over 4 years ago

It now appears to indicate a bad file type, stating "edstrom entered invalid input while trying to edit entry 67653. File type for plot.blah.tif not allowed." Is it possible to make tif a valid type? A PNG or JPEG thumbnail would be nice too, but probably not essential. Also, it would be great if it could pre-validate upload file types so the user doesn't get an error and lose the note due to an unknown filetype.

#3 Updated by Kyle Hazelwood over 3 years ago

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Fixed in new elog version.

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