Bug #5449

editing administrator names in a logical cluster under 'Administrators' section results in no u_equipdb_sync table entries

Added by Timothy Zingelman about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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I went to the AD-SWITCHES cluster, scrolled down to the Administrators section. The cluster had one primary sysadmin (Dan Stenman) I edited the name for that record to make James Fromm the new primary sysadmin. The change was accepted in service-now but not seen in Equipdb... and in fact was not seen in the equipdb_sync table at all. In the same situation, editing the type of an existing authorized admin to try and make them primary results in a pop-up note that a primary already exists and the link in that pop-up to edit the existing primary also results in no sync table entry. Note that if the solution to this is locking out the editing, it will not be possible to change the primary sysadmin for a cluster via service-now since this was the only way I found to do it. However, I think that is an acceptable work around to allow go-live not to be delayed. Changing an existing authorized admin name here also results in no sync table entry.


#1 Updated by Michael Baker about 7 years ago

Posed the following question to Krysia:
In reviewing the code, only “Configuration Item Administrated” records are being synced to EquipDB when the configuration item is an extension of Hardware. Because of this Clusters are not being synced, should they be?

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This has been corrected.

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