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Shifts taken by institution members report

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Steve Magill, NOvA:

A question came up today - one of our Institutional Reps wanted to know if he could look at the shifts that were taken by his colleagues - both in the past (already taken) and those which are signed up for in the future. I could only find this information for myself using the “My shifts” selection. Is it possible to allow administrators to have an expanded “My shifts” which could include all entries for an institution? If I select an institution from the “points” list, I can see how many shift points each person has taken, but can’t see the actual schedule of those taken shifts. It would be nice if administrators had an extra tab that could show the actual shifts that were taken by each collaborator.

Actually, the only ones who need to know this information would be the Institutional Representative (defined in the ECL). The question that I got that prompted this request was from one of the IRs. Most IRs do not have administrative access to the ECL and probably shouldn’t. So, I can’t think of a really compelling reason why non-admin should not be able to see this information, so I guess you can make it available for anyone.


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