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Handle run-based and spill-based data

Added by Kurt Biery about 7 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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In our discussions with Lariat, the subject of how to handle run-based and spill-based data came up. Basically, this would be information that is relevant for the whole run (or spill) and does not need to be repeated with each event, but would be valuable to have in the data file that is written by that DAQ.

Thinking about this a little bit, it seems like the right way to do this would be to pass this data to the art Run and Subrun data products.

The work involved in making this happen would include talking with art folks to determine if this approach makes sense, and if so, what would be the right way to do it in art. There could be some spin-offs of this task in the art project, if we determine that art changes are needed to support this.

The time frame for needing this will depend on how urgently the Lariat folks will need it. How quickly we can deliver it will depend on a number of things, including whether it could be supported within art and artdaq without substantial changes.

Related issues

Related to artdaq - Feature #6160: Provide support for adding package version and build time information to the Run data products in raw data filesClosed05/02/201405/30/2014


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Reducing the estimated time by 20 hours to reflect the work that has been split off in Issue #6160.

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I'm wondering how much of this issue might be resolved by "DCS" BoardReaders running a Single-mode CommandableFragmentGenerator...

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I'm closing this issue because we have demonstrated methods for doing this (BuildInfo, configuration stored in data files). If there is a specific need that arises in the future, we can deal with it as a new issue (and hopefully resolve it faster than ~4 years).

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