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SimpleProfiler needs documentation.

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We need to document how SimpleProfiler is to be used. This documentation should point to the documentation of the helper script to run it. It should describe how the system functions (use of libunwind, use of the timer signal).

It should also document the format of the data files that are written at the end of the program. These formats should not change without changing the version number of the program.

The raw data format should be documented as an internal detail, and not as something on which users should rely. This format is subject to change.


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The skeleton for the user's manual for the data collection portion of FAST is now in place. Most TeX definitions are now shared for all documents in the project. Some of the documentation sessions are filled in; others I am still transcribing from notes.

Note that I have taken the liberty to rename some of the tools we've written, and in some cases are yet to write, to become more uniform. We should discuss whether these new names are appropriate.

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The document now reflects reorganized ideas of what is needed for first release of data collection tools.

I have also decided that the installation instructions should not be in this document, because it seems most reasonable to install all of FAST at once, rather than installing it piecemeal. If experience with the beta release says otherwise, then we should make the division of the parts more clear, so that separate installation is easy.

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