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Short Term Plan for Kronos Support

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Very Short term Plan

  • We have created a table in Oracle (table name: KRONOS_CDACTID_LOOKUP) which contains the 50 character unique short name given to Kronos and the corresponding CD activity ID (for the special mappings the activity is the ID of the activity with the special mappings, NOT the fake one). The entries reflect what Kronos has in its system, meaning no special characters other than "." and "-" (no "&" etc, any such characters are converted to "-"). The table contains unique short names that might correspond to the same CD Activity ID * Jim's code will pick the activity ID from this table. No need to parse any strings from Kronos. * To enter new activities or expire activities the Kronos system requires the entire list to be send (phone discussion with Steve White June 7, 2010). Activities can be expired by setting the end date to a date prior or equal to the the date the activities are loaded in Kronos. Activities cannot expire in the middle of a week, only on week end dates. We need to keep track of when the activities list is actually loaded in the Kronos system in order to be able to expire activities... * New activities' short names will be entered manually to the KRONOS_CDACTID_LOOKUP table exactly as in the Kronos system along with the corresponding CD Activity ID as described above.


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This issue has been replaced by a detailed project plan (through Change Management) to make BudgetInput the main source for supplying the import file for Kronos.

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