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Horizontal Lines not on Shift Change entries?

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Noticed the slightly changed format just now--horizontal lines after the header of each new entry or comment. Mostly, I like the lines--they help visually separate out each entry and comment from the others. I have a small reservation that it might look too cluttered, though, especially if the entry is very short or there are a lot of them, yet the horizontal lines extend all the way to the edge of the page, so there isn't a lot of whitespace. (For instance, see the comments on entry 8351.) Overall I think I like the lines more than not having them, though.

Oh, but the reason for making this comment wasn't just to give you my opinions. I noticed that the horizontal line thing didn't extend to the "shift change" entries and their comments. Not sure if this is intentional or a bug but I thought I'd let you know.

Back to opinions:
The comment ID numbers are gone. Is that no longer a thing?

The ID numbers for entries are back down at the bottom of the page, which I like.


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Thank you for your thoughts on the look.

In regards to the shift change entries, the lines are there but the background of those entries doesn't contrast the lines enough to see them clearly. I think I need to tweak this color some.

Unlike the entry ids, the comment ids don't necessarily provide any function for the average user.

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