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Some parameters are not escaped correctly when passing parameters from frontend to

Added by Parag Mhashilkar about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Just so the rest on CC know,

It looks like the way parameters are passed to has changed in v3 and special characters are not being escaped like they used to in v2.

I've already notified Parag of this. Here's the error we see:
2013-09-26 16:02:28,477] WARNING: glideFactoryLib:592: condor_submit failed (user fehccitb): Unexpected Error running '/usr/local/glidecondor/bin/../sbin/condor_root_switchboard exec 0 529'. Details: Command '/usr/local/glidecondor/bin/../sbin/condor_root_switchboard exec 0 529' returned non-zero exit status 1:
Unexpected characters following double-quote. Did you forget to escape the double-quote by repeating it? Here is the quote and trailing characters: "boinc\")*10000) -param_GLIDEIN_Collector -cluster 12788 -subcluster 0"

and in the arg list this is what caused condor-g to throw up:
-param_GLIDEIN_Entry_Rank ((Owner=!=\"boinc\")*10000)


On 9/26/13 11:06 AM, Jeff Dost wrote:
I see the ads in the factory monitoring but strangely it doesn't look like any glideins have actually been submitted.

I'm digging now..


On 9/26/13 11:01 AM, Derek Weitzel wrote:
Hi Jeff,

I submitted HTPC jobs yesterday, and I see that they are advertising to the itb factory (from the frontend logs). But I haven't received any glideins. Are there any issues on your end?


On Sep 25, 2013, at 12:17 PM, Jeff Dost <> wrote:

Hi Derek,

One thing in particular we want to ensure is that v3 doesn't break the hcc workarounds for the HTPC entries. If I recall correctly you have some condor config manipulation scripts in your glidein validation scripts.

Let us know if you run into any issues with this in v3.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Plan to upgrade SDSC Factory to glideinWMS 3.2 tomorrow
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 12:12:03 -0500

Hello all,

Tomorrow, Sept. 26th we plan to upgrade SDSC to glideinWMS 3.2 at 10 am PDT.

We highly encourage any frontends who would like to test it out before
tomorrow to try our OSG-ITB Factory. It is currently running v3.2.

PLEASE NOTE do NOT upgrade your frontends to v3 yet. Our production
factories cannot support v3 frontends until they are all upgraded to
v3. In the meantime v2 frontends will continue to work fine with v3

As always feel free to contact us at

if you have any questions.

Jeff Dost
OSG Glidein Factory Operations


#1 Updated by Parag Mhashilkar about 7 years ago

More info from Jeff

just compared to hcc in the v2 prod factory, here's what it used to do:
-param_GLIDEIN_Entry_Rank .open,.open,Owner.eq,.not,.eq,.quot,boinc.quot,.close,.star,10000.close,
some kind of escaping of special characters before passing to the arg list

#2 Updated by Burt Holzman about 7 years ago

Yeah, that's it -- escapeParam wasn't getting called in gWMS v3. Sending a fix up in a few minutes.

#3 Updated by Burt Holzman about 7 years ago

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#4 Updated by Parag Mhashilkar about 7 years ago

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Looks ok. Merged to branch_v3_2

#5 Updated by Parag Mhashilkar about 7 years ago

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