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clean up and generalization of the regular nearline scripts

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Clean up the existing nearline scripts such that they will run identically on all machines (by being fed detector type as an input parameter.) The model will be how the current OnMon scripts work. The goal is to minimize the amount of human manipulation to make these scripts work such that when a new release is used, all we have to do is install the new scripts on all machines and switch the cron jobs.)

Specific things to change:

- make them take detector type as an input parameter so that they can automatically set the appropriate env variables
- make them be smart enough to look at all data disks (e.g. - for the FarDet /data{1,2,3}-{a,b}/) for new files so that the scripts don't have to be changed when we switch data disks
- make the output directory structure and file naming convention be the same on all machines (and possibly make the file names simpler - again using what OnMon is doing as an example by doing something like {original file name}.{extra label: DONE or log or reco.root etc.}
- remove the t04 = cosmic part since that is just plain wrong
- other things I am forgetting for now...???


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