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Feature #4358: Provide configurable file naming within art [art-related]

Make use of the new file naming features in art

Added by Kurt Biery over 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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One of the recent enhancements to art is to allow users to specify a pattern for disk file names. This is primarily described in Issue #4357. Issue #4358 also has some information.

The point of this issue is to start making use of this new functionality by modifying the ds50daq code and configuration scripts so that file naming is handled by art.

The pattern for filenames that is in use at LNGS at the moment is the following:
  • ds50_r{run number (6 digits)}_sr{subrun number (2 digits)}_{timestamp of when the file was opened}.root

Let's continue using this pattern.

The new art feature(s) are in v1_08_02, which has been distributed to most, if not all, of the ds-50 hosts. Probably the right model is to switch to using a new version of artdaq, which will reference the new version of art. I'll work on making this new version of artdaq available later today.


#1 Updated by Michael Wang over 7 years ago

I tested these features yesterday and found that the run and subrun numbers did not update when files were closed/opened upon starting new runs and subruns (Kurt had observed this behavior earlier too). A separate bug report was filed (#4581) and Chris has addressed this. We are awaiting the updated version of art on the ds50 teststand machines.

#2 Updated by Kurt Biery almost 7 years ago

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