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Event Display
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I have a few suggestions for improvements to the EventDisplay.

1.) When displaying reconstruction objects (Hits, Clusters, Prongs) on top of RawDigits or CalWires, the RawData or CalWire objects should always be drawn with a greyscale color palette.

2.) If 3D reconstruction has been performed, reconstruction objects (Hough tracks, DBscan clusters, Hits, etc...) that have been matched in multiple views and possibly displayed in the 3D Volume view, should have a consistent color choice in all such views. In other words, a track shouldn't be blue in one view and red in another, if it is has been matched and is known to be the same track.

3.) A Legend or information graphic should be added somewhere in the display that denotes what the various color objects (tracks, hits, etc...) displayed correspond to (FFTHits, HoughLines, DBscan, etc..), and perhaps includes some information about the various objects.


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Issue 1 is controllable from the Grayscale button on the 2D display, and so will be considered resolved.

Issue 2 has been resolved as the color is determined using the ID of the relevant object in all views.

Issue 3 would start to add too much information to the display. The decision of what to draw is determined by the user through the RecoDrawingOptions and so that should suffice. It would be nice however to eventually pop up windows when mousing over various objects to get information about them. That is something that would likely be controlled in the EventDisplayBase package.

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More Suggestions for the event display to discuss:

1. Ability to set drawing of truth information for specific particle types (ie by PDG code)

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I think we actually need to start over with the event display using something like EVE if we are going to use a ROOT based GUI.

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