Feature #4357

Feature #4031: For DS-50 DAQ/artdaq, support customizable output files

Implement on-close file configurable file renaming [ds50daq-related]

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At the moment, we have a cron job at LNGS to rename the data files that are written on disk from a somewhat generic file name to a name that has the run number, subrun number, and a timestamp in it. The request here is to have the file have a configurable name as soon as it is closed.

We have confirmed with Alessandro that the initial filename is irrelevant - it is the name of the complete, closed file that matters.

In some of our discussions, Marc and Chris suggested that the filename could be arbitrary initially, but once some characteristics of the data have been determine, it might be possible to change the name to something like <pattern-with-run-and-subrun-number>_incomplete.root. Then when it is close, it could be changed to <pattern>_complete.root (or something like that). [Apologies if I got this wrong.]


Feature #4625: Implement configurable temporary directory for in-progress output file.ClosedChristopher Green

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For proposed specifiers, please see Output file renaming. Comments, additions, etc. appreciated.

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On 7/18/13 3:53 PM, Kurt Biery wrote:

Hi Chris,

Hi Kurt,

This looks great to me. A couple of minor questions:

  • For the "timestamp of lowest/highest run/subrun", would that the
    beginning or end of the run/subrun?

The timestamp is currently (according to
artdaq/ArtModules/detail/ the beginning, as set
by the time the art process in the event builder sees the first
RawEvent, /not/ anything to do with the DAQ. If you wish the event
timestamp to follow the DAQ, then this code (and possibly the RawEvent
itself) would need to be enhanced.

  • Would the Process name be the one that is specified in the FHICL
    configuration? An alternative that I might imagine would be
    something from the Linux process table. If it is the former, then
    it might be helpful to make that more obvious to readers who
    aren't as familiar with the parts of the art configuration.

It would be the process_name as specified in the FHiCL configuration.

A possibly unrelated question would be "how would the multi-step
renaming that Marc has mentioned a couple of times be handled?" From
what I recall, this is something like <totally random filename> to
<something_{format_specifiers}_inprogress.root> to
<something_{format_specifiers}_complete.root>. Are the "inprogress"
and "complete" substrings configurable? Or, has this whole idea gone
by the wayside? I don't have a strong preference in any case, just

I thought that since Alessandro claimed that the in-progress name of the
file did not matter, then we would have an unique in-progress name
(processing timestamp and unique salt, for example) since continually
updating the format specifier values served no requested purpose.

Do the format specifiers that Chris has listed on this page
Output file renaming
look good to you?

Comments to Alessandro's email under separate cover.


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Hi Alessandro,
On 7/18/13 4:08 PM, Alessandro Razeto wrote:

that is great!
does the name can include even a path?
like /data/complete/phase2-double-phase/Run-XXX-YYY.root?


while unfinished file would be in /data/incoming/xyz.root?


Thank you very much

You're welcome,


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Output file renaming updated per Kurt's request to clarify process name.

#6 Updated by Kurt Biery over 7 years ago

On Friday, Chris explained that providing parameters that use the time of events is not as straightforward as he originally thought. Given that, and the fact that the times of the file open and file close are still available, I recommended that we defer the implementation of the event-based time parameters to some later time.

I just updated the Wiki page that Chris created with the list of parameters to show these parameters as "deferred".

If any of this was a wrong thing to do, please let me know, and I will switch things back.

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Implemented with commits 6c1e2bb and d0a5478.

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