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Reading in metadata from input files

Added by Adam Aurisano almost 8 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Currently, the metadata facilities only exist to add or get metadata produced within a job. When running a job which takes in input files, there needs to be a way to access any metadata associated with that file. Then, experiments could write a module/service which makes the appropriate decision of whether or not to carry that metadata over into the output file.


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I'm not sure to what extent, if at all, this may meet your needs, but have you looked at the "provenance" information available through the art::Handle (or art::ValidHandle)? Each can provide access to an object of type art::Provenance, which provides access to the metadata for the object associated with the Handle. You can find the header for Provenance at If you have not already done so, please take a look and let us know to what extent that meets your needs.

#3 Updated by Adam Aurisano almost 8 years ago

I see that it is possible to get the parameter set used to configure the module which created a given data product; however, I'm trying to get metadata associated with the job as a whole. This metadata was injected into the art file using the FileCatalogMetadata service. There was a metadata module (analyzer) whose job was to extract metadata from a parameter set in the FHiCL file and insert it use the FileCatalogMetadata service, but there was not data product added to the event by the metadata module. Would it be possible to recover the parameter set of the metadata module even though it did not add any data products to the event?

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We believe we can provide read-only access to the SQLite database from the currently open input file for as long as that file is open. Some finer design questions remain, but I think they can be resolved fairly quickly.

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