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Redmine novaart SVN access unavailable

Added by Jan Zirnstein about 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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After attempting to create a new svn repository under the novaart project, all novaart repositories have become inaccessible via redmine.

Following Marc Mengels instructions to create a new svn repository under the novaart project with an identifier. My entries then were:
Repository type: SVN
Identifier: devs
URL: file:///cvs/projects/novaart-devs/

This caused me to get an internal error.

Going back I changed:
URL: file:///cvs/projects/novaart/
login: janzirn

and was told that the identifier already existed.

After this point I was no longer able to access the Settings tab to see what I had created and potentially delete it, nor was I able to access the Repository tab anymore either.

Several other uses have confirmed they receive the same Internal Error message when clicking on the Repository tab. This has the potential to hinder code development in the immediate future as revision histories aren't as easily viewed from the command line.

This seems limited to the redmine interface to the repository, as I can checkout and request status information from the repository via the command line.


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Solution provided by Marc Mengel:

The comparison routine the Redmine folks designed for Redmine expects there to either be a default repository, or ones with identifiers set; so when they switched
which one was default, they left a landmine that the next repository
that was added would cause an error...

So I set an identifier of "old" on the CVS repository and I think that
clears it up

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