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X11 on datamon

Added by Michael Baird about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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I am still not able to compile the event display on novadaq-far-datamon with the error message:

<**compiling**> RootEnv.cxx
In file included from /online_monitor/offline/releases/development/EventDisplayBase/RootEnv.cxx:19:0:
/online_monitor/externals/root/v5_34_01a/Linux64bit+2.6-2.12-nu-e2-debug/include/TGX11.h:31:22: fatal error: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

Looking in the directory /usr/include, I see that curl is there but X11 is not. Can we get X11 installed on datamon as well?


#1 Updated by Michael Baird about 8 years ago

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#2 Updated by Andrew Norman about 8 years ago

I installed the Desktop Platform Development group using:

yum groupinstall "Desktop Platform Development"

This appears to have installed an extra set of include files. Specifically I now see in /usr/include/X11/ the following:

[root@novadaq-far-datamon anorman]# ls /usr/include/X11
ap_keysym.h   CreateI.h     ICE           ObjectP.h     ShellI.h      VendorP.h  XF86keysym.h  Xlib-xcb.h   Xregion.h
CallbackI.h   cursorfont.h  ImUtil.h      PassivGraI.h  ShellP.h      Xalloca.h  Xft           Xlocale.h    Xresource.h
Composite.h   DECkeysym.h   InitialI.h    PM            SM            Xarch.h    Xfuncproto.h  Xmd.h        Xthreads.h
CompositeP.h  dri           Intrinsic.h   RectObj.h     StringDefs.h  Xatom.h    Xfuncs.h      Xosdefs.h    Xtos.h
ConstrainP.h  EventI.h      IntrinsicI.h  RectObjP.h    Sunkeysym.h   Xauth.h    X.h           Xos.h        Xutil.h
Constraint.h  extensions    IntrinsicP.h  ResConfigP.h  ThreadsI.h    Xcms.h     XKBlib.h      Xos_r.h      Xw32defs.h
ConvertI.h    fonts         keysymdef.h   ResourceI.h   TranslateI.h  Xcursor    XlibConf.h    Xpoll.h      XWDFile.h
Core.h        HookObjI.h    keysym.h      SelectionI.h  VarargsI.h    Xdefs.h    Xlib.h        Xproto.h     Xwindows.h
CoreP.h       HPkeysym.h    Object.h      Shell.h       Vendor.h      Xdmcp.h    Xlibint.h     Xprotostr.h  Xwinsock.h

This should fix your compilation problems.

#3 Updated by Andrew Norman about 8 years ago

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This should be fixed now that I installed those extra headers.

#4 Updated by Andrew Norman about 8 years ago

Not fixed.

Also need libxpm-devel apparently.

yum install libXpm-devel

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