Feature #3492

FHICL_FILE_PATH policy for the command line -c option

Added by Rob Kutschke over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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I am writing the art workbook using cetbuildtools for the build system. This enforces an out of source build. So the instructions will read something like:

  1. Check out the workbook source
  2. Have a look at the directory structure. See the file and the .fcl files etc.
  3. Create a build area and cd to it.
  4. Follow the instructions to do the build.
  5. Still at the root of the build area, run the first example:
    1. art -c Ex01/ex01.fcl # Currently this does not work and, instead, it has to be: art -c ${CETPKG_SOURCE}/artwb/Ex01/ex01.fcl
  6. Make some edits to the .fcl file (in the source area); re run and look at what changed.

I get the desired behaviour if, instead of using the executable art, I use either mu2e or nova. This is because the later two look for the -c argument in FHICL_FILE_PATH, whereas the executable art looks only relative to the current working directory. This is a FHICL policy option in the executable.

So the options that I see are: rebuild the art executable with the new policy or provide another executable ( with a non-experiment-specific name ) that has the desired policy. I am open to other suggestions.

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Revision e94e0d7c (diff)
Added by Christopher Green over 7 years ago

Issue #3492, and re-jig execs.

Per Rob, art now has same FHiCL file policy as other execs.

Unify artapp, novaapp, etc.

Per Rob, mu2e exec now has rethrow-default behavior by default: use --default-exceptions to negate.


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This feature is implemented with e94e0d7, along with the separately-requested change to the mu2e exec to have "rethrow-default" behavior activated by default, deactivated by the new --default-exceptions option.

#2 Updated by Christopher Green over 7 years ago

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