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minos-evd-02 commissioning

Added by Arthur Kreymer about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Commission the Lenovo minos-evd-02 hardware
This includes making a local copy relevant AFS files.
The goal is to run EVD on this system.


#1 Updated by Arthur Kreymer about 8 years ago

  • Tracker changed from Bug to Support
  • % Done changed from 10 to 50

1) Copied files local disk /home/afs, with symlink to /afs, from the real /afs/


Details to be posted separately.

2) Modified mcrrc ( in $HOME and data/minsoft/mcr/ControlRoomSoftware )
to source /afs/
instead of /usr/local/etc/

3) Created /usr/lib/ symlink to

The event display now seems to run properly.

Remaining work :
1) Update this entry with details of the AFS export/import
2) Test FD for a day.
3) Test ND for a day.
4) Exchange identities minos-evd and minos-evd-02
5) Wait a week and retire minos-evd

#2 Updated by Arthur Kreymer about 8 years ago

  • Due date changed from 02/18/2013 to 02/26/2013

Summary of overall minos-evd-02 configuration actions

Cleaned up and archived files on minos-evd

  • Got copy of shrc for convenience, on minos-evd
    scp -r minos-rc-02:shrc shrc
  • Cleaned up TriD recursive copies in /data/TriD/TriD/... and copied to /home/minos/TriD for reference
    • all owned as root. dated Jul 16 2010
      cd /data/TriD
          du -sm .
      387    .
          checked for recent access to files.
          Read GNUmakefile, to tickle it
      find . -maxdepth 1 -type f -atime -900
      find . -type f -atime -900
          So  nothing has been used for 900 days.
          Removed the mistaken TriD/Trid tree :
      rm -r /data/TriD/TriD
          Copied these files to /home/minos/TriD
      cp -vax /data/TriD /home/minos/TriD
  • abandoned /data/etc, a reference copy of /etc from 2006
  • abandoned /home/urish, 3 MB files and configurations vintage 2007
  • corrected ownership and permissions of /data/minsoft
    chmod 755 /data/minsoft/mcr/include/TriD/fonts
        as minsoft, in /data/minsoft
    find /data/minsoft ! -user minsoft  -exec ls -ld {} \; > rootfiles
        as root,
    find /data/minsoft ! -user minsoft  -exec chown minsoft.e875 {} \;
  • Archived file systems
    File systems to archive :
    /data/mcr          2757 MB
    /data/minsoft       438 MB
    /home/minos        1009 MB
        as minos:
    cd /home/minos
    tar czvf /var/tmp/minos-evd-minos.tgz .
    du -sm   /var/tmp/minos-evd-minos.tgz 
    378     /var/tmp/minos-evd-minos.tgz
    cd /data/mcr
    tar czvf /var/tmp/minos-evd-mcr.tgz .
    du -sm   /var/tmp/minos-evd-mcr.tgz 
    1110    /var/tmp/minos-evd-mcr.tgz
        as minsoft
    cd /data/minsoft
    tar czvf /var/tmp/minos-evd-minsoft.tgz .
    du -sm   /var/tmp/minos-evd-minsoft.tgz 
    113    /var/tmp/minos-evd-minsoft.tgz
    Mon Feb 11 11:58:50 CST 2013
         noted slow 2 GB /data/mcr/NuMIMon_overflow/xmlrpc_10ec316441e.dat
    -rw-r--r-- 1 minos e875 2222219264 Jul 30  2010 
        as minos
    scp -c blowfish ${LA}-minos.tgz    ${RA}-minos.tgz
    scp -c blowfish ${LA}-mcr.tgz      ${RA}-mcr.tgz
    scp -c blowfish ${LA}-minsoft.tgz  ${RA}-minsoft.tgz

Archived AFS files


  • created modescan script, to scan for then fix file permissions
    • group read files
    • group exec directories
    • other read files
    • other exec directories
    • user write
  • ran as kreymer@minos27
    • logs to /minos/data/users/kreymer/log/modescan
      ./modescan ${AFSG}     | tee ${MSL}/general-run.log
      ./modescan ${AFSG} fix | tee ${MSL}/general-fix.log
  • ran on these directories, corresponding to AFS volumes
    • /afs/
      File counts : 
          gr 20575
          gx 739
          or 20935
          ox 1036
          uw 37
    • /afs/
          gr 24282
          gx 864
          or 24282
          ox 864
          uw 2654820
    • /afs/
      File counts : 
          gr 0
          gx 0
          or 0
          ox 0
          uw 0
    • /afs/
      File counts : 
          gr 9630
          gx 342
          or 9630
          ox 342
          uw 0


  • minsoft@minos27

cd /afs/
time tar czvf ${MAT}/general.tgz .
du -sm  ${MAT}/general.tgz
real    334m12.734s
user    88m41.628s
sys    12m26.011s
Tue Feb 19 14:06:25 CST 2013
24147    /minos/data/users/minsoft/AFS/general.tgz

cd /afs/
tar czvf ${MAT}/releases.tgz .
du -sm  ${MAT}/releases.tgz
Fri Feb 15 18:13:36 CST 2013
Fri Feb 15 20:21:39 CST 2013
10616    /minos/data/users/minsoft/AFS/releases.tgz

cd /afs/
time tar czvf ${MAT}/releases1.tgz .
du -sm   ${MAT}/releases1.tgz
real    14m40.278s
user    6m30.719s
sys    0m40.051s
Thu Feb 21 12:56:50 CST 2013
1662    /minos/data/users/minsoft/AFS/releases1.tgz

cd /afs/
time tar czvf ${MAT}/releases2.tgz .
du -sm   ${MAT}/releases2.tgz
real    14m28.825s
user    6m43.291s
sys    0m36.110s
Thu Feb 21 14:33:13 CST 2013
1721    /minos/data/users/minsoft/AFS/releases2.tgz

Configured minos-evd-02

  • Set up /home/minos
    cd /home
    mv minos minos02
    mkdir minos
    chown minos.e875 minos
    cp    minos02/.k5login minos/.k5login
    scp minos-evd:/var/tmp/minos-evd-minos.tgz /var/tmp/minos-evd-minos.tgz
    tar xzvf /var/tmp/minos-evd-minos.tgz
    scp minos-acnet:minos-kinit \
    Edited crontab.dat to
    0 * * * * /home/minos/minos-kinit > /dev/null 2>&1
    @reboot   /home/minos-kinit       > /dev/null 2>&1
    crontab crontab.dat
        Changed rms config file
    mv opt/rms/config/ \
    gedit opt/rms/config/
        changed to minos-evd to minos-evd-02
        Tested RMS
    opt/rms/rms service rc near # and far
    opt/rms/rms service om near # and far
  • Copied data minsoft and mcr files from minos-evd
cd /home/data
mkdir mcr
mkdir minsoft
chown minos.e875 mcr minsoft


cd /home/data/minsoft
tar xzvf /var/tmp/minos-evd-minsoft.tgz
rm .Xauthority


time tar xzvf /var/tmp/minos-evd-mcr.tgz
real    0m57.724s
user    0m26.498s
sys    0m4.772s
Fri Feb 22 11:54:52 CST 2013

  • Installed AFS local copy as user minsoft

scp -c blowfish minos27:/minos/data/users/minsoft/AFS/general.tgz /home/afs/general.tgz
# 36 minutes
mkdir /home/afs/
cd    /home/afs/
date ; sleep 10
time tar xzvf /home/afs/general.tgz 
Tue Feb 12 11:26:59 CST 2013

cd /home/afs
scp -c blowfish minos27:/minos/data/users/minsoft/AFS/releases.tgz .
releases.tgz                      100%   10GB  11.1MB/s   15:54    
mkdir releases
cd    releases
time tar xzvf ../releases.tgz
real    21m30.306s
user    6m1.788s
sys    1m35.300s
$ date
Mon Feb 18 14:33:16 CST 2013

cd /home/afs
scp -c blowfish minos27:/minos/data/users/minsoft/AFS/releases1.tgz .
releases1.tgz    100% 1662MB  11.2MB/s   02:29    
mkdir releases1
cd    releases1
time tar xzvf ../releases1.tgz
real    3m7.975s
user    1m2.911s
sys    0m13.733s
Thu Feb 21 13:40:31 CST 2013

cd /home/afs
scp -c blowfish minos27:/minos/data/users/minsoft/AFS/releases2.tgz .
releases2.tgz    100% 1721MB  11.2MB/s   02:34    
mkdir releases2
cd    releases2
time tar xzvf ../releases2.tgz
real    2m28.554s
user    0m58.012s
sys    0m12.676s
Thu Feb 21 14:42:42 CST 2013

#3 Updated by Arthur Kreymer about 8 years ago

  • % Done changed from 50 to 80

One more minos-evd-02 system config item to note :

As root, had to create libcrypto symlink :

cd /usr/lib
ln -s

Also note that the releases* areas were inadvertantly installed in the wrong place,

Under /home/afs
instead of /home/afs/

I have moved them where they belong, though they are not used by evd processes.


I set the default to KDE.

Remaning work

Will swap minos-evd and minos-evd-02 hardware after the Monday Feb 25 detector ops meeting.

#4 Updated by Arthur Kreymer about 8 years ago

  • Due date changed from 02/26/2013 to 02/28/2013
  • Status changed from New to Assigned
  • Assignee set to Arthur Kreymer
  • % Done changed from 80 to 90

Jason Harrington swapped minos-evd and minos-evd-02 identities.
The Lenovo system will not drive the hi rez monitor beyond 1024 x 800.
Jason is investigating.

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