Feature #3169

Feature #3216: Enhancements for Frontend Monitoring

Factory could advertise total jobs running per entry to frontend

Added by Burt Holzman almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Douglas Strain
Frontend Monitoring
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We asked James Letts, who operates a FE, what he needs from FE monitoring that he doesn't have. His answer and Igor's reply:

On 12/12/12 13:41, Igor Sfiligoi wrote:

On 12/12/2012 11:29 AM, letts wrote:

Queued, don't really care. Running I might care to see if the site is
"full" i.e. user at site X tells me there are 1000 batch slots total
at his site, and I see 1,000 pilots from any VO, I know the site might
be full and I can tell him to take a hike.

Advertising to the FE how many total jobs are running at the site (from
the GF) point of view may indeed be useful.
Right now the FE does not get any info that does not affect its own


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I think this was actually a simple fix, since this information was already in the glidefactory classad. The fix in branch_master_3169 (commit e9f5fbd) adds it to the glidefactoryclient classad as well. It looks like the glideresource classad automatically picks this up and no changes were needed on the frontend (see if you want to see it).

I think this part is finished and ready for a quick review before tackling the larger issue of 3126 (adding this and others to the frontend monitoring). Parag, do you agree?

An example is below:
$ condor_status -any -l -constraint "MyType==\"glidefactoryclient\"" | grep GlideinMonitorTotal
GlideinMonitorTotalClientMonitorGlideRunning = 0
GlideinMonitorTotalStatusRunning = 2
GlideinMonitorTotalStatusWait = 0
GlideinMonitorTotalClientMonitorGlideIdle = 0
GlideinMonitorTotalClientMonitorJobsRunning = 0
GlideinMonitorTotalClientMonitorInfoAge = 59
GlideinMonitorTotalRequestedIdle = 1
GlideinMonitorTotalRequestedMaxGlideins = 6
GlideinMonitorTotalClientMonitorGlideTotal = 1
GlideinMonitorTotalClientMonitorJobsIdle = 10
GlideinMonitorTotalStatusIdle = 0
GlideinMonitorTotalStatusStageIn = 0
GlideinMonitorTotalStatusPending = 0
GlideinMonitorTotalStatusIdleOther = 0
GlideinMonitorTotalStatusStageOut = 0
GlideinMonitorTotalClientMonitorJobsRunHere = 0
GlideinMonitorTotalStatusHeld = 0

$ condor_status -any -l -constraint "MyType==\"glideresource\"" | grep FactoryMonitor
GlideFactoryMonitorRequestedMaxGlideins = 6
GlideFactoryMonitorStatusHeld = 0
GlideFactoryMonitorStatusStageOut = 0
GlideFactoryMonitorStatusStageIn = 0
GlideFactoryMonitorStatusPending = 0
GlideFactoryMonitorStatusWait = 0
GlideFactoryMonitorStatusIdle = 0
GlideFactoryMonitorStatusIdleOther = 0
GlideFactoryMonitorStatusRunning = 2
GlideFactoryMonitorRequestedIdle = 1

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I already talked to Doug and looks ok to merge. Updating the ticket status now.

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Merged into master. Cherry-picked into branch_v2plus.

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  • Target version changed from v3_1 to v2_7

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