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RPM improvements

Added by Douglas Strain about 8 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

Igor Sfiligoi
RPM - Frontend/Factory
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RPM improvements from Igor

1) Adding 03_gwms_local.config to minimal (GSI vars are needed)
2) Add 90_gwms_dns.config
3) Split out optimization variables from collector and schedd configs
4) Secondary schedd. Instead of splitting this out, I will just delete/comment.
(Since, as you point out, no one needs it)
5) Add dependency for vofrontend->minimal. (Actually, I will probably change
this around a bit eventually, where you will have the one-node frontend grab {schedd,minimal,collector} and standalone installs will just grab 1 of the
3. eg. vofrontend standalone only needs minimal)
6) Add glidecondor_addDN to vofrontend-minimal-condor (may need to be cleaned up)
7) Add extra RPMs so you can install vofrontend in 3 pieces
(submit, collector, vofrontend)
8) Delete CONDOR_HOST, UID_DOMAIN from 00_gwms_general

Related issues

Related to GlideinWMS - Idea #2991: Shipping condor config.d files in the tarballClosed10/23/2012


#1 Updated by Douglas Strain about 8 years ago

1) Done
2) Done
4) Done
5) Dependencies were changed around, but not exactly in this way. (I can give more details if needed)
6) Done
7) In progress. Currently building and testing using 2.6.2 branch.
8) Done for UID_DOMAIN, CONDOR_HOST is still needed by ini installer (if you run single node or on a non-standard port)

Still to have to do #3.

#2 Updated by Douglas Strain about 8 years ago

This may not be the right place for this, but I will put it here for now. This is the procedure Igor (and the OSG factory?!) uses now. The templates should probably be at least roughly considerate of how this operates. This comment is mainly a note to myself to try this procedure out:

1) Run the Condor installer to get the basic structure in place
(cd ~/condor-7.8.6-x86_rhap_5.8-stripped; \
./condor_install --prefix=$INSTDIR --local-dir=$INSTDIR/condor_local \
--type=submit --central-manager=<my central collector>)

2) Create the config.d directory, where Condor expects it to be
  1. Condor is configured to use the config dir, but does not create it
    mkdir $INSTDIR/condor_local/config

3) Copy over the base glideinWMS configuration
cd $GWMS/install/templates
cp 00_gwms_general.config 02_gwms_schedds.config 03_gwms_local.config \

4) ... add DNs ...

In step (1), CONDOR_HOST were defined in

By re-defining it in
you broke my setup.

#3 Updated by Douglas Strain about 8 years ago

The latest build in osg-development glideinwms-2.6.2-3.osg.el5 now supports separate usercollector, userschedd, vofrontend. It still needs a bit of tweaking (and has no documentation yet), but I was able to install and submit glideins, so that is a step forward.

#4 Updated by Douglas Strain about 8 years ago

I have split out the performance tuning variables into a new file that people can uncomment and modify.
I have also commented out CONDOR_HOST and put it in 03_local.

I think this ticket is just about completed.

#5 Updated by Douglas Strain about 8 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Feedback
  • Assignee changed from Douglas Strain to Igor Sfiligoi

Igor, can you review the changes (at least the templates changes in git)?

Please keep the comments related to the changes in the list above, so as to keep this ticket manageable. If there are additional improvements that you notice, feel free to create new ticket(s) and assign them to me.

#6 Updated by Parag Mhashilkar almost 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Closed
  • Target version changed from v2_7_x to v2_7

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