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Problem with root persistence of an inherited struct

Added by David Brown over 8 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Dear root experts:

I have a problem using code which defines root schema using an inherited struct. My class structure is:

struct TrkHitInfo {
.. data members

struct DeltaHitInfo : TrkHitInfo {
... additional data members

I use these in root schema using reflex:


#include <vector>
#include "TrkPatRec/inc/StrawHitInfo.hh" 
#include "TrkPatRec/inc/DeltaHitInfo.hh" 
template class std::vector<mu2e::StrawHitInfo>;
template class std::vector<mu2e::DeltaHitInfo>;

    <class name="mu2e::StrawHitInfo" />
    <class name="std::vector<mu2e::StrawHitInfo>" />
    <class name="mu2e::DeltaHitInfo" />
    <class name="std::vector<mu2e::DeltaHitInfo>" />

The schema and generated code compile fine, however there is a runtime error:
-bash-3.2$ mu2e -c debug.fcl
%MSG-i MF_INIT_OK:  mu2e 22-Sep-2012 07:38:06 PDT JobSetup
Messagelogger initialization complete.
terminate called after throwing an instance of
  what():  ---- Configuration BEGIN
  Unable to load requested library
undefined symbol: vtable for mu2e::DeltaHitInfo
---- Configuration END

By contrast, persistent forms of StrawHitInfo work fine.

I have tried to force the creation of a virtual table in DeltaHitInfo
by declaring and implementing a virtual destructor, with no change in
the above. I'd be interested to know if root experts think this is an
art issue or a root issue.
thanks, David Brown


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So far, we have not yet been able to reproduce this problem. It may be that part of the implementation you have elided is the cause of our inability to reproduce it. All the data members and base members of the class for which the dictionary is being generated must have dictionaries.

However, the solution I would like to recommend first is to use containment, rather than public inheritance, for aggregation. This would avoid any need for virtual functions.

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Could you tell us whether this is still an issue for you, and if not, how it was resolved?

#5 Updated by Christopher Green over 6 years ago

Is this still an issue or can it be resolved / closed ?

#6 Updated by David Brown over 6 years ago

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Since root persistence will change with root6 I don't think this question is directly relevant anymore, I'm happy to close it.

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