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Spline file generation and reduction

Added by Robert Hatcher almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Have an easily run (push-button) set of scripts that will generate a spline file. It should be able to take an indicator of a GENIE release and optionally any variations (changes of parameters/models). Using the parallelism of the grid or a cluster. It should generate the free (proton,neutrino) off each of the nu flavors (ie. 6). Once that is complete it then combines those and uses those as inputs to produce splines for all possible isotopes used in any FNAL geometry. Once those are finish then they should be combined to form a master spline file.

From the master spline one should be able to produce a stripped down file that only has the desired isotopes for a particular setup.

The output files should be held in some common shareable area and non-standard variants should be classified in some identifiable manner.


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Scripts to help do this are documented at: Creating_cross-section_spline_files

#2 Updated by Robert Hatcher almost 7 years ago

  • Due date set to 06/30/2014

Solution given documented above was adequate for users at the time. It could possibly do with some revisions to make it more robust, or scrapped and a new more installation agnostic system built. Putting a due date on this to ensure that it gets reviewed in the not too distant future.

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Extending due date because it doesn't look like this is going to get worked on in the near future.

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Extended script exists for general case. Uses a DAG of { 12 , 1, 105, 1, 1 } jobs to do processing { free nucleons x nu flavors, combine, isotopes, combine, package }. Creates full UPS product and can handle alternative UserPhysicsOptions.xml and/or EventGeneratorListAssembler.xml.

Due to requirement of intermediate work products needs a common work space -- currently relies on BlueArc data disk mounted on grid nodes. Needs to be migrated to use ifdh to avoid the direct write (and for users such a genie who lack BlueArc data and only have PNFS disk space).

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