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Test run initiated after BF2 refrigerator was modified: we got it lowered down.
After first start of PC noticed issues with communications to Vacuum instruments:
Pfeiffer MaxiGauge and TC400 TurboPump.
Actions taken:
Update LabVIEW and VISA drivers to 2019 version, after this MaxiGauge issue was fixed; Issue with TC400 remain;
send e-mail to BlueFors: get suggestion to check Cryomech compressor, it may hav issues with communication too;

Network Drive folder with files and pictures:
Q:\Quantum Computing\Dilution Refrigerator\Second_DR\BF2_Issues\TC400_Communication_Nov_12_2020

Setup_Windows.PNG (55.3 KB) Setup_Windows.PNG Roman Pilipenko, 11/12/2020 11:17 AM
Status_NEW_PC.PNG (50.4 KB) Status_NEW_PC.PNG Roman Pilipenko, 11/12/2020 07:20 PM


#1 Updated by Roman Pilipenko 5 months ago

Attempt fresh installation of BF software on new PC. This fix issue with TC400 communications.
Planning to cleanup drivers/software on CryoPC.

#2 Updated by Roman Pilipenko 5 months ago

EXT control of Still Heater was not working. Workflow:

Resistance of heater (with cable 3wiring, from wires disconnected on CU): 132.6 OHm;

No voltage reaction on STILL terminals CU when toggle EXT button; (however when EXT off - pneumatic valve operation sound can be heard)

On the heater Box: EXT channel: EXT ON: 4.3V; EXT OFF: 0V;
continuity check: cable EXT not wired to STILL banana terminals; it is wired to EXT banana terminal on the side of CU.

Get cable 3 (Still Heater) connected to EXT banana terminal of CU; When EXT ON current ~ 10mA; Observed temperature rise on Still temperature sensor; This should be default configuration: see pg. 25 of manual v 1.5.0;
Note: voltage on Banana terminal drop down to ~1.3V when Heater connected. With open it was 4.3V (See above);

Banana terminals Still on CU connected to LakeShore and controlled through Heater (Analog2/Still) control in the right bottom corner of the software front panel. When Heater enabled, Still LED on Lakeshore device will turn ON. To control heater Output 2 need to to enabled from "Misc Setup Tab". See pg. 7 of LSCI 370 v2.3 settings.pdf for details;

Banana Terminal MC controlled from LakeShore. Value of current can be set from control on the bottom left corner of software front panel. Heater need to be setup in Open loop (unless more complicated operations assumed). Must press Wright Settings button to turn on or turn Off Heater. When Heater is enabled Red rectangular LED (above Sample Heater button) will turn ON on LakeShore Device. Additionally device front panel display will indicate heater status. Settings can be applied at Heater Setup tab in BlueFors LakeShore software. See See pg. 6 of LSCI 370 v2.3 settings.pdf

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