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LBL LLRF system installation in SSR1

Added by Philip Varghese 4 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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A RFS LLRF controller is installed in the PIP-II IT SSR1 rack to allow
testing in parallel with the Fermilab LLRF system. The resonance control chassis
will be shared by the two systems.

res_ctl_data_tools.pdf (69.7 KB) res_ctl_data_tools.pdf Philip Varghese, 10/30/2020 10:28 AM
SSR1_RCC_Config_Nov2_2020.docx (15.6 KB) SSR1_RCC_Config_Nov2_2020.docx Philip Varghese, 11/02/2020 01:08 PM


#1 Updated by Philip Varghese 4 months ago

We have successfully configured one RCC for SSR1 in our lab area. There are still some error messages towards
the end of the process. However, we were able to ping its IP address from another controller behind the controls
firewall. The next step is for LBL to confirm they can connect to the chassis and help with the testing of the
QSFP communication channel between the SOC LLRF controller and the RCC.

#2 Updated by Shrividhyaa Sankar Raman 4 months ago

  • % Done changed from 20 to 40
  • The RCC has been configured today to the IP address
  • It can be pinged (tested in the lab from the HWR development system)
  • Sergio has also verified he is also able to reach the device from cmts-llrf-vm-server.
  • He has also successfully loaded the latest resonance control bitfile and tested the register interface - see below.


  • Establish the fiber link between the SOCMFC to the RCC, so that Sergio can confirm that the optical link is up by reading the 'rev_id' and other status registers and can do some data captures of whatever data you're sending from the SOCMFC.

[sferreir@cmts-llrf-vm-server qf2_users]$ python -m qf2_python/scripts/get_board_information -t
Active firmware : Runtime
Board UID : eec71960451b572301
Board type : QF2_pre
Bootloader SHA256 : b411b5f8f8f5748f7ef5c3e83b3871d8613c0e10d6534603110ea55ca12f1891
Bootloader build date : 2018-05-18 01:27:28
Runtime SHA256 : cb54c9e0e8f8e0033e61f9fcf3cc76d374282d7b5e0aeaebd3f01c1b4e2b5420
Runtime build date : 2018-05-30 16:47:03

[sferreir@cmts-llrf-vm-server qf2_users]$ python -m qf2_python/scripts/program_kintex_7 -t -b ~/SSR1_20201102/resonance_control_qf2.2996d464.bit
There are 1 devices in the chain:

0x364c093 - Xilinx Kintex 7 160T

Loading bitfile: /home/sferreir/SSR1_20201102/resonance_control_qf2.2996d464.bit
Design name: resonance_control;UserID=FEED0059;Version=2018.1
Device name: 7k160tffg676
Build date: 2020/10/21
Build time: 02:58:14

[sferreir@cmts-llrf-vm-server python]$ python -m leep.cli leep:// reg ccr0_rev_id
[sferreir@cmts-llrf-vm-server python]$ python -m leep.cli leep:// reg ccr1_rev_id

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